League of Legends Betting Sites 2023: Bet on LoL

When talking about the biggest betting games in the industry, League of Legends betting is, without doubt, worthy of such a title. The simple mechanism and complexity of the gameplay contributed to the massive traction this game has gotten since it came out over a decade ago.

Released in 2009 as a multiplayer online battle arena, League of Legends, LoL, has grown to become one of the most played video games on the internet. Thousands of fans enjoy their tournaments, with even more users today interested in playing on various league of legends betting sites.

It could be quite intimidating when you’re just starting out in betting on the league of legends, considering the pool of these sites on the internet, but it doesn’t have to be so. Today, we bring to you some of the best lol betting sites. Below is a quick rundown of the best lol esports betting website to play LoL.


Looking for the best sites for betting on League of Legends? Below is a showdown of the best LoL betting sites on the internet.


Standing as the highest rated on our list, DraftKings is one of the recognized names in esports betting. Some of its outstanding features include the following:

  • Live streaming is available on the website
  • They offer a variety of sports betting options
  • Popular markets are displayed on their homepage
  • They are one of the best options for esports online betting

DraftKings Promo Code is also available on the application store of IOS and Android devices, available across all states in America.

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If you’re looking for a new website to bet on Esports and League of Legends, Fanduel may be a suitable choice for you. Major highlights of this website include the following:

  • They have one of the most competitive esports odds
  • Esports live stream feature available on the website
  • Fanduel SportsBook Promos
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There are many bookmakers for online sports gambling, but how do you know a legit one? Well, a website like BetMGMwith juicy, attractive features can put your mind at ease when looking for a commendable site to enjoy your Lol. Some of its features include the following:

  • Get 100% up to $100 bonus on the site
  • Compatibility with mobile devices to ensure users have unparalleled access to wagering
  • It is available in a variety of languages worldwide
  • Users can easily access current games and teams via the main homepage
  • News and promos are visible to users

The BetMGM bonus code has plenty of bonus offers for users and a good reputation for rewarding loyal customers with more of these bonuses to ensure they get the best value on their website.

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For a platform that has been around for over 30 years, Caesars Entertainment has grown to become one of the best esports bookies to play Lol. The site features a plethora of sports and casino betting as well; no wonder they have over 400,00 users worldwide. Highlights of Caeasrs Sportsbook include the following:

  • $10 bonus for opening a new account.
  • A special welcome offer: Get Up To $1,250 On Caesars + 1000 Tier Credits + 1000 Reward Credits®!
  • Simple deposits via various payment options
  • Legitimate and secure sports betting platform

Caesars Sportsbook promo code has generous bonuses and promo codes plus the low limit on deposits and withdraws and swift customer support are but a few reasons why it remains a user’s favorite.



BETRIVERS is one of the big guns of online betting with an outstanding reputation in user reviews, especially in the casino and sports market. They recently upped their game with the juiciest esports offer on their websites. Its features include the following:

  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Fully licensed and regulated website
  • Excellent interface for mobile devices

BetRivers promo code has one of the highest user ratings, making it a great option for users to stake their League of Legends bet confidently. You’re exposed to the best League of Legends betting odds and get to enjoy a premium user experience on the platform.

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As we have established, League of Legends is one of the most played videos and betting games on the internet. As such, there are plenty of LoL betting operators that offer esports, but not all of them have the players’ interests at heart.

Before staking your bet on any website, it’s important that you know how the site works. In the event that you don’t have an idea about the features of a reliable LoL betting site, here are a few rules to guide you in making the right decision:

Live and Mobile Betting

Today, most LoL betting sites offer both live and mobile betting. Some websites also allow users to bet on live LoL matches via their smartphones. The essence of live and mobile betting is centered on the ability of sites to provide users with a variety of betting options, which makes it an essential characteristic of a good LoL betting site.

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Competitive Odds

There are lots of betting platforms to play LoL, but the most reputable sites provide players with massive profit boosts or enhanced odd features that make them more appealing, give users a reason to stick with them, and make them stand out from the crowd.

Cash-Out Options

After placing a bet, and things are turning in your favor, there’s always a desire to cash out part, if not all, of the money you’ve won. The joy of every bettor is for them to cash out while they are having gains even when the game is on because that’s the only way they can have sure profits before the end of the game. Great platforms like those we’ve listed allow users to wager on mobile, making it possible to leverage this option even while the game is active.

User Experience

User Experience, or UX, is one of the most important factors to consider when creating a functional and interactive website such as LoL betting sites. A poor user experience takes away the excitement of the game, leaving users and bettors to look for another website with better UX.

Good Payment Alternatives

In most cases, payment methods are dependent on the user’s geographical location; a good Lol betting site is required to obtain all licenses to a wide variety of payment options. The most popular online payment options on LoL betting websites include the following:

  1. Credit/Debit Card
  2. Cryptocurrencies
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Neteller
  5. EcoPayz
  6. Skrill
  7. Paysafecard


When it comes to staking bets on LoL betting sites, there are two events, and various regional championship players should wager on. They include the following:

League of Legends World Championship

League of Legends World Championship stands as the biggest LoL event in esports. As it is commonly called, LoL Worlds represents the climax of all League of Legends competitive seasons. This event is held once a year, with the best League of Legends teams and players present at their best.

LoL World Championship is the most popular esports event in the world today. The 2019 and 2020 LoL world events had over 4 million viewers, which tells you much respect the event commands in the world of sports betting.

Regional Championship Series

The biggest games are now organized in franchised systems with no room for promotion or relegation. This results in more money for all parties involved but little or nothing for upcoming teams longing to have a taste of international achievement. Riot Games always had a vision of long-term stability for LoL esports, and there was no better solution to that than franchised Regional Championships.

Some of the biggest regional championships include LEC, LCS, LPL, and LCK, to mention but a few. They are majorly divided into two splits: the Spring and Summer divisions, with the Mid-Seasonal Invitational in between the LoL World Champion and the Summer division.

Mid-Seasonal Invitational (MSIs)

As we mentioned earlier, MSIs are held between the Spring and Summer divisions. Users refer to MSIs as mini-Worlds, which makes sense since both divisions are international competitions with money and teams form the most competitive regions involved.

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League of Legends betting didn’t just gain popularity for its gameplay and wizard-players alone. LoL features many quantifying stats, which makes special bets very entertaining for players.

If you don’t have an idea of the special bets available on LoL, have a look at these five exciting LoL special bets:

Match Duration Over/Under

League of Legends gameplay, similar to Dota 2, is a MOBA game that spans until one team completely destroys its opponent’s Nexus. Opponents may also choose to surrender, but it isn’t considered in professional battles. As far as match duration bets go, websites where you play LoL with real money, provide you with an average time, and you are to guess if the duration will be above or below that number.

First Blood

The very first kill in a LoL match is tagged first blood. The first kill earns the victor an additional gold and sends the killed back to base, giving the killer access to free lane farming. Most LoL betting sites feature first blood bets, which pose as high entertaining thrills for bettors.

Baron/Dragon Kills

The two biggest neutral monsters in League of Legends are Baron and Dragon(s). They are often referred to as the most important global objectives owing to the various types of buffs they provide. Competing teams strive to clinch dragons and, subsequently, barons. Teams who win Baron-based fights are already on a great start to the final base push. As far as LoL betting is concerned, Baron and Dragon kills are one of the best and most straightforward.

Players vs. Player Stats

This kind of bet involves the two-player kill counts, where you stake your bets on the player you believe will have the most kills at the end of the match. This bet also features assists and minion kills, all of which contribute to the odds and thrills of the game.

First Turret/ inhibitor

The gameplay involves the summoner’s rift with three lanes filled with continuous minion waves. These lanes are connected to the jungle where most neutral monsters live. Each of these lanes has three turrets and inhibitors, and competitors are required to make their way through one entire lane or more to get to the enemy’s base. Most LoL betting sites include this feature on their bets, and it’s up to decide which team makes it to the enemy’s base.

FAQ on league of Legends Betting Sites in 2022

LoL is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena developed by Riot Games. The gameplay involves two teams who battle 5-on-5 to conquer their opponent’s “Nexus.” One exciting feature of the game is its wide variety of playable champions to choose from. The game is feature-rich and well detailed, making it a suitable game for online betting and users’ favorite in the whole of esports.

All reputable, recognized betting sites such as those listed earlier are licensed and regulated. Generally, whether LoL betting sites are legal is dependent on your area of residence. It’s always a good idea to check your country’s laws regarding online betting before depositing huge sums of money on just any LoL betting site.

League of Legends betting is safe as long as you place your bet on a reputable LoL betting site. Typical features of these sites include fair odds, SSL certificates, and great customer service, ensuring a safe environment for the player to place their bets.

In this case, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Your payment choice depends on some factors, such as your preference and country of residence. Following the latest trend in the online betting ecosystem, cryptocurrencies seem like the way to go. They are considered fast, cheap, secured completely anonymous.

League of Legends World Champions is the biggest league of Legends event, starting from September to October. It features the most highly competitive events from the best teams in the world, which makes it the most demanded betting event.

If you prefer to go for something less mainstream, you can always go for the May-bound MSI events, and if you prefer to go for leagues, you should check out LEC and LCS. Whatever event you choose has something juicy waiting for you, as long as you’re betting with a reputable LoL betting site