How to bet on NHL Online 2023: Best Bookmakers and Betting Tips

One of the best and most popular sports leagues in North America in the NHL and many people enjoy NHL betting.

With that in mind, we have prepared a detailed guide to help you learn how to bet on NHL if you don’t have much experience with it.

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How to Bet on NHL Games Online

Bet365 OntarioIf you are new to NHL betting and you want to learn more about the entire process of betting on NHL games online, we can help you out.

In this article, we will cover the step-by-step process on how to bet on NHL games online, talk about the most popular NHL betting applications, and cover some of the best bookies to check out if you wish to bet on NHL.

How to Bet on NHL Games – A Quick Guide

So, you want to place a bet on an NHL game but you are not sure how to do it. First of all, you need to have an account on some betting websites. We will discuss a bit later how you can choose the right bookmaker for yourself, but whatever you choose, you need to create a new account and make a deposit so you have the funds to place some bets.

Once you have an account and money in the account, you can proceed to bet on NHL games. The first step is to find the betting section with NHL games. In most cases, different betting sections can be found on the left side of the homepage at most betting websites.

When you find the betting section, you will see the NHL games for that day which are available for betting. Choose a game on which you wish to place a bet and then you will see a variety of available betting markets. Click on the betting market you like to add it to your bet slip, which is usually seen on the right side of the screen.

At this point, you can either choose to add more markets to the bet slip to make a parlay bet (a bet consisting of multiple games), or you can proceed to place your bet with the one game and market that you already chose. Once you are prepared to place your bet, add the amount that you wish to bet and click to confirm the bet – and that’s how to bet on NHL.

Popular Betting Options and Markets for NHL Betting

Now that you know how to bet on NHL games, let’s take a quick look at the betting markets that you can choose when you bet on NHL.

Moneyline – This betting market is the most basic one and it allows you to choose the team that will win the game, without any handicaps.

Spread – The spread is a market that has a certain handicap, which is either deducted from one team or added to another at the end of the game. For NHL matches, the basic spread is 1.5 goals, which means that the favorite has to win by two goals for them to win on a spread.

Total Goals – As the name says, this betting market allows you to bet on total goals in one game. The line is usually set at 5.5 or 6.5 total goals, depending on the game. You can bet on over or under that pre-determined line.

Proposition Bets – Proposition bets, or props as they are called most of the time, are unique and special types of bets. There are team props and player props, which include such markets as the number of goals by one team or player, the number of assists by one team of players, half-time outcome or goals, alternative spreads and total goals, and others.

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How to Choose a Bookie to Bet on NHL

As we mentioned before, you need to have an account on a betting website if you want to place a bet on NHL games online.

So, you need to decide which bookmaker suits your needs and for that, you need to look at a few important factors:

Welcome Bonus and Other Promotion

Most bookies have some kind of a welcome offer for new members, so if you don’t have an account on some betting website already, then you should check out which type of welcome bonus you like the most and consider that when you choose the bookie.

Also, take a look at promotions and bonuses for active players, which you will be able to claim later. Betting sites that have a lot of active promotions are usually a good choice since you can take advantage of them at any time.

The Number and Variety of Betting Markets

We’ve mentioned the types of betting markets that you can expect to find for NHL betting, but some bookies offer more betting markets than others. You should also pay attention to the odds quality and the number of other sports and markets if you won’t then don’t intend to bet just on NHL games.

Live Betting Options

Live betting is very popular nowadays and most bookmakers have extensive live betting sections where you can find a variety of sports to bet on, including the NHL games. Of course, some provide more markets for live betting on NHL than others, so make sure to check that out.

On top of this, pay attention to other important things regarding the live betting section – whether you can see a lot of stats for live games, how are they presented, and so on. Also, some bookies offer live streams of certain sports and games, so check that out as well if you like to watch the games that you bet on.

The Best Bookmakers for Betting on NHL Games

We explained what are the things to focus on when it comes to choosing a betting website to join if you are interested in betting on NHL games.

So, we selected some of the top bookies that you should check out. They are all reliable and available in many states in the US, so we suggest focusing on them when you make your decision.