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Betting on mainstream sports is something that many North American residents like to do. And while many will place bets based on their own gut feelings, others like to seek out free sports picks. Finding things like free expert sports picks is a great way of adding a little more information to your betting decisions. But here’s the catch – not all sites actually take the time to provide valuable and well-researched picks. This is something that we pride ourselves on, which is why so many people come to our platform for free sports betting picks.

Popular sports picks

If you are seeking out free sports picks daily, there is a fair chance that you are doing so for a select range of sports. Of course, there will be some punters out there who are looking for picks on less popular sports. But in order to cover as many punters as we can, we have chosen to focus on the more popular sports here. In North America, as you’ll know, there are several elite leagues for key sports. Some of these sports aren’t as big anywhere else in the world. And really, this makes the betting market somewhat unique for many of these events.

All of this will become apparent before too long. But for now, let us kick things off by discussing what our free expert sports picks entail for one of the largest sports of all:

NFL / Football

Given the size and scale of the NFL, you can find free NFL picks all over the place online. However, these are only available between set times, which is usually from September to January for the regular season. Once the regular season is wrapped up, this is where the NFL expert picks are really worth their weight in gold. The playoffs is where the NFL season comes to a head, with the Super Bowl being the ultimate conclusion. Much of this you may already know, and as a reminder, our site provides free sports betting picks for most games in the NFL each year.

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Putting the NFL to one side, as you can see, we have also listed college football alongside the NFL. Assuming you are based in the USA or even Canada, you’ll know how popular college football can be during the fall. Typically, the NCAA football season kicks off in August and concludes in December. Playoff games are then held in January. The only thing with college football that you need to be aware of is that you can’t usually bet on in-state teams.

For example, if you are based in New Jersey, your chosen betting provider won’t let you wager on any games involving college teams from New Jersey. This restriction has been implemented in the interests of reducing any possible betting fraud, which nobody wants. And speaking of betting providers, it’s hard to beat platforms like FanDuel and DraftKings for NFL or college football betting. These two have some of the best bonuses, betting markets, and overall coverage that we’ve seen.

NBA / Basketball

Aside from the NFL, it goes without saying that the NBA is also a league that fans in North America get a little wild for! Of course, the NBA season is one of the most grueling of them all, with so many games being played for each team. This is perfect when it comes to free sports picks, however, as there is a seemingly limitless range of bets you can make during the regular and post-season events. On that note, NBA expert picks are available on our site for the entire NBA season. This covers all games between October and April, including the post-season tournament, of course.

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We are proud to say that our free NBA picks are varied in terms of markets and teams too. We don’t like to stick with the Moneyline market at all times, as, through the top betting providers, there are often better options out there. For example, some of our picks will focus on player points, individual performances such as the number of rebounds, as well as handicaps for the overall outcome. With this said, it’s not just the NBA that we like to provide free sports picks for. Given the immense popularity of college basketball, it just makes sense to pay special attention to these games too.

And that’s why you can also seek out free sports picks daily for college basketball, especially at the time of March Madness! However, in contrast to NFL betting providers, we have a couple of others to keep in mind for NBA betting. Thanks to sponsorship deals with the NBA, we suggest venturing towards providers like BetMGM, TheScore, DraftKings, or FanDuel. Without question, these guys provide the most diverse and top-quality experience for betting on this league.

NHL / Hockey

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If you prefer the more brutal and somewhat dangerous sports, then it’s tough to think of one that fits the bill better than the NHL. With more than 80 games on the calendar for competing teams, the NHL is arguably just as lively as other leagues like the NBA. So of course, you can expect a ton of free sports picks for the NHL on our site. As a reminder, the NHL season will begin in October and it runs right the way through to June. At least this is the schedule for the 2022-2023 season. And these days, more than 30 professional teams are involved in the NHL, which shows growth in the sport in North America.

But since we are focusing on NHL expert picks here, let us get back on track. As you can imagine, our picks for games in the NHL are always varied and up to date with the latest odds. We do this in order to provide you with the most valuable picks out there, in accordance with the respective odds, of course. And when it gets time for the post-season tournament, the Stanley Cup, our free NHL picks are ramped up even more. The cool thing about the NHL is that you can also look at exciting futures markets throughout the season. These can be done for things like overall season winners, conference winners, and even MVP awards!

However, these diverse options are only available through top providers for NHL betting. So before we wrap this up, let us give you the scoop on who these providers are. In our experience, we’ve found sites like PointsBet, FanDuel, Caesars, as well as BetRivers to be some of the best in the game. These sites operate in many legal betting states across the nation.

MLB / Baseball

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The last of the major sports leagues that we have to highlight here is the MLB. Of course, this stands for Major League Baseball, and this is a part of the culture in North America, hence the popularity of the sport. A grand total of 30 teams are involved in the MLB. These are split between two conferences, and a normal season tends to run through the summer months. Oftentimes, the games run from March through to October, which is quite different from the other major leagues discussed here. So if you are reading this between the mentioned period, make sure you check out our free sports picks today for the more exciting MLB games.

And speaking of leagues that are pretty exciting, the MLB will have over 160 games during the regular season. So quite literally, there is a game taking place almost every single day between these months. How about that for an adequate range of betting opportunities? Of course, you can seek out expert MLB picks during these months, and during the post-season World Series too. This is where the ultimate MLB winners are crowned, and it is a sporting spectacle that never disappoints. We even have free MLB picks based on things like player performances, spreads, futures, and so much more!

As for where you can bet on the MLB, we’d advise placing your wagers with FoxBet, FanDuel, DraftKings, or BetMGM. All of these guys have a piece of the pie in terms of sponsorship deals. So of course, they have an interest in providing top bonuses and competitive markets thanks to their involvement.


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Specifically, in North America, the main league is the MLS. But at this point, the information shared surrounding free sports picks for soccer won’t solely be focused on events taking place on home soil. That’s because soccer is much larger in other parts of the world, especially in Europe. Then again, the MLS is still the top league for soccer in the USA, and it has been gaining substantial popularity in recent times. The MLS actually runs from February to October, and like all of the other mainstream leagues in the USA, there is a post-season tournament. This makes the MLS a little more unique compared with how things are done elsewhere.

Specifically for the 2022-2023 season, the MLS Cup Final is where things will conclude. And this game will be held on November 5th. Of course, you can expect to find plenty of expert soccer picks for this match once we know which teams are involved. However, moving away from the MLS, you’ll notice that we have a ton of free soccer picks for leagues played overseas. This is true for leagues like the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue One, and many others. Between these top leagues, you will benefit from literally hundreds of free sports picks daily!

And in order to bet on soccer at the top sites, we like to stick with sites that tick a few boxes. Mainly, these boxes include extensive betting markets, support of streaming, features like cashouts and bet builders, as well as designated soccer bonuses. So, which platforms fit the bill? Well, we have to go back to the major two again here, which include DraftKings and FanDuel.


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If you’ve been keeping on top of the sporting news surrounding golf, you’ll know that the sport is going through some choppy waters right now. But as things stand, the PGA is still the main league for professional golf. And thanks to the PGA schedule, you can benefit from free golf picks on a weekly basis. That’s because golf is played both domestically and overseas, with more than 40 sanctioned tournaments throughout the year. This involves four major tournaments as well, which is where our expert golf picks enter the picture. These four majors are The Masters, US Open, Open Championship, and the PGA Championship.

From a betting perspective, these major events are where you can bag the best bonuses, most competitive odds, and most unique markets. Then again, this is true for all of the most popular sports we’ve talked about here. And if you do fancy betting on golf through top sites, there are some great benefits to be obtained. Believe it or not, golf is one of the best sports for live betting, as you can do so on a hole-by-hole basis. It’s also a sport where you can find some phenomenal odds for the futures markets. That’s because so many players are involved in tournaments, and you can even bet on the winning margin of a tournament champion.

It really is a fantastic sport for wagering, and we suggest doing so through sportsbooks such as PointsBet, BetRivers, or DraftKings.

Horse Racing

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Horse racing is another sport that doesn’t have a purely domestic focus. In fact, most of the major horse racing events take place overseas. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t huge races to pay attention to in North America – there certainly are. Prime examples include the races involved in the Triple Crown, which entails the Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes, and Kentucky Derby. Of course, we pump out free horse racing picks for these races every single year, but there is so much more to cover for this sport. When it comes to overseas competition, races like the Grand National, Royal Ascot, and the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe are well worth tuning in for.

And when it comes to expert horse racing picks, this is where our team gets pretty experimental. After all, horse racing is a little tougher to predict compared with other sports. At the end of the day, as great as a jockey might be, it all depends on the horse. That’s why horse racing has been home to some immense upsets over the years, with wins of astronomical odds witnessed at many top events. It’s not like you have to stick with the Moneyline options for horse racing either. In fact, thanks to such a range of bets for larger events, we’d say that this is one of the most exciting sports from a betting perspective.

Whether you are betting on the winning distance, trifecta, parlays, multiple wins, or various specials, you are guaranteed plenty of enjoyment. And it helps to bet with sites that have the most options with the greatest odds. On that note, sites like Twinspires and TVG are your best bets. These guys focus solely on horse racing!


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And finally, we come to the last of our popular sports for free sports picks. Tennis ticks the box here since it is played throughout the entire year, with hundreds of tournaments open for punters to test their skills. Then again, not all tournaments carry the same level of prestige. Much like other sports, there are certain events that rank higher than others. And this is where expert tennis picks can usually be found. Prime examples include any of the four Grand Slams – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. But this can also include the Masters 1000 level events, of which there are many held throughout the season.

Free tennis picks can be found in abundance on our site, as you have no doubt guessed already. And we constantly strive to delve deep into the markets to give you the best suggestions. This means we don’t like to stick with the Moneyline betting markets. Instead, we like to look into game handicaps, set betting, breaks of serve, number of aces, and much more. The best betting platforms for tennis tend to have anywhere from 30 up to 100+ markets for major tennis matches too. Needless to say, this provides plenty of opportunity in terms of finding some diamonds in the rough!

But which platforms should you actually be looking to bet with? Well, we would suggest checking out sites like Caesars, BetMGM, DraftKings, or FanDuel. These guys all supply competitive markets and they have top-level features such as streaming and cashouts!

Free sports picks FAQs

No, but then again, no sports betting picks are 100% guaranteed. With that said, our picks are designed to suggest the ‘most likely’ outcome based on our research.

If you are to make any bets online in the USA, you must be over the age of 21. You must also be based in a state where legal sports betting has been approved.

Absolutely. Many of the betting platforms that we’ve mentioned have bonuses that you can grab today. This is especially true for new customers, which is where you will find the largest bonuses.

The odds provided along with the picks are 100% accurate at the time of publication. However, by nature, odds do chop and change based on many factors prior to the event starting. That’s why we advise checking in with the mentioned sportsbooks when you can for the most up-to-date odds.

Yes, of course. You can download different betting apps or bet through mobile sites should you like.


We hope that this information has given you an idea of what to expect from the free picks given on our site. And as a reminder, you will need to have an open account at the mentioned online sportsbooks if you are to follow through on these picks. Once that is done, make sure you frequent our site when you can for the latest free sports picks!