WoW eSports Betting Sites of 2023 – A guide for World of Warcraft Betting

World of Warcraft, WoW, as it is commonly called, is one esports game that has won the hearts of many over the past decade and still amassing bettors from every part of the world today. Betting on WoW could be quite overwhelming, considering how much of a big deal it is, leaving newbies clueless about which WoW esports betting sites are worth their money.

Our list below contains some of the most reputable witches of warcraft websites to choose from, all of which are safe, legal, and provide an amazing user experience to bettors.

Best World of Warcraft Betting Sites

Below is a list of the best World of Warcraft betting sites to choose from:


wow esports betting sites

FANDUEL is regarded as one of the recognized names in the online gaming industry and has grown to become one of the fastest-developing betting websites in the world. With thousands of employees globally, FANDUEL is considered the biggest betting site in the United States, also making it the most recognized WoW esports betting site. some of its features include the following:

  • Welcome bonus on signup
  • Live stream available
  • Wide variety of payment options
  • Established various countries for all kinds of betting


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As esports continues to gain popularity, most betters are on the look for sites that can offer them good deals on their money. Whether you’re just starting out as a novice better or you’re a professional better, PointsBetis a great alternative as it meets all fundamental betting requirements.

Some of its features include:

  • Excellent user-experience
  • Juicy bonuses
  • excellent user experience

As far as esports betting is concerned, PointsBets has a lot to offer. Users enjoy fast and friendly customer support, flexible limit, and an easy-to-navigate user interface to provide users with an amazing experience while playing.


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UNIBET represents one of the biggest bookies of esports. The design and layout of the website make it easy for users to navigate. Also, their responsiveness to various screen sizes makes them one of the most visited esports betting websites on the internet. Other additional features of UNIBET include:

  • Various payment options are available
  • Great collection of games
  • Esports focused

UNIBET is loaded with everything a professional gambler needs to have an amazing betting experience. UNIBET was initially created as a traditional betting site but has integrated many esports features, making it one of betting enthusiasts’ favorites. Get more info on our Unibet Bonus Code page.


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BETRIVERS is one of the most popular online sportsbooks known for its attractive offers and quick payouts. there’s nothing more comforting than betting in a regulated environment with an amazing user experience regardless of your screen size. its highlight includes the following:

  • Appealing match bonuses
  • quick and reliable payouts
  • excellent across mobile and desktop devices.


WoW has three major esports events where players battle head-on to become winners of the tournament and win the prize money. Two of these events are played in the PvP Arena, while the third is the newest tournament to be added to WoW esports betting, where teams race through mythic dungeons.

WoW Arena World Championship

This is regarded as the World of Warcraft event where players from all parts of the world battle to become the best WoW players. Asides from the honor and titles that come along with this event, there are also big prizes that can be won throughout the tournament.

The tournament is split into two regions: one in Europe and the other in the United States. This provides an avenue for initial winners to win weekly prize pools. The initial stage is all about winning points. From there, eight top-performing teams from each region proceed to the next phase of the event- the WoW Arena World Championship Circuit, where four teams at this stage from each region can move on to the Grand Finals and become WoW Arena World champions.

WoW Classic Arena

This tournament is more like the smaller version of the WoW Arena World Championship. They also have similar setups.

WoW Mythic Dungeon International

This is the latest addition to the WoW esports event that adds a Player Vs. Environment category to esports. Teams from different regions compete in a race against time through mythic dungeons to earn the title of the fastest team.

The tournament comprises several legs; the first begins with a time trial, where the 24 fastest teams in the trial leg qualify to proceed to season groups, where they race to advance to the Global Finals subsequently.

world of warcraft betting sites


World of Warcraft betting, like another esports betting, includes handicaps, moneylines, futures, and special bets PVP competitions. Betters can wager their money on the following WoW esports betting:

  • Individual match winners
  • Outright tournaments winners
  • Game-specific occurrences

WoW makes their competition in a manner that makes betting available to all regardless of your game knowledge and experience. The most popular WoW esports betting include:


Moneylines are best suited for beginners. This kind of WoW bet involves a wager where two teams battle for victory. WoW betting sites provide odds for matches, where betters stake their money on one of the teams to win.


Handicaps differ from Moneyline, such that one team has a starting advantage. For WoW esports betting, the Handicaps betting option allows you to bet on the team with less advantage, that is, the underdog team, and still make some money. The waging mechanism involved is such that bettors take points away from the favorite and give them to the underdog.

The Arena World Champions and the Mythic Dungeons International matches are best-of-three, so, in most cases, handicaps are presented as +1.5 or -1.5. Your job is to figure out who you think will win the match and how many points they will win.

Typically, if you place a bet on the +1.5 spread, this implies that you believe it will be an outright win for the underdogs, or the game ends 2-1. If you decide to bet on the -1.5 spread, this means staking your bet that the favorite will lose by two games.

Handicaps betting can make underdog teams look more attractive; better give it a second thought before backing a favorite.


These are pretty straightforward bets provided for those who want to place their bets on one team to win the whole event, meaning you only get to guess the team you think will win the AWC or the MDI.

Outrights/Futures are only available before a season starts; bets will not be accepted once the season kicks off. It makes sense like that because you’re meant to make your predictions before you see the teams go against each other. There are slight differences in the championship Outrights/Future bets; the AWC requires you to decide who will win the season, while the MDI bets require you to decide who will make it to a required dungeon first.

This betting option could be tricky since both ACW and MDI events are presented as open qualifiers; this implies you’ll be seeing many teams you’re not familiar with taking on other seasoned teams. However, if you trust your guts based on your experience in WoW esports betting sites, this style of betting could be a great way to rake in some cash as long as you’re armed with enough information to make the right choice.

Specials/Prop bets

This kind of bet allows you to bet on specific events that can happen while playing WoW. Specials are not very common in WoW esports, and not many sites offer this kind of bet, but it’s also a good way to make money as a professional punter while having fun.

WoW PvP betting

As far as WoW esports betting sites go, the Player-to-Player mode is very important, especially in the Arena World Championship, and is the most popular game mode in the whole of WoW esports betting. You can place wagers via Moneyline, handicaps, and outrights/futures.

However, placing bets on PvP WoW esports on the AWC could be tricky, particularly for newbies to WoW. This happens because it would be quite difficult to predict PvP matches due to the constant addition of new players and teams every season. But with the right betting tips, you stand a great chance of taking home some good cash.

best world of warcraft betting sites

Tips for playing on World of Warcraft Betting Sites

Now that we have an idea of the different WoW events available and various kinds of bets to choose from, let’s now look at some of the ways we can maximize our chances of winning whenever we place a bet.

Know when to bet on the favorites and the underdog

Generally, when it comes to esports tournament betting, it is important for you to know who the favorites are and the underdogs are. Knowing clearly who the favorites and underdogs are become essential in WoW, especially in the AWC, as this event begins its season with an open qualifier. The constant influx of new players and teams makes it difficult to predict the tournament’s outcome, considering some of the teams may not have competed in a professional space before.

To better understand this, you have to do your research on teams that have competed in the past, but also stay updated on the newest player in the game via social media or twitch streams and make predictions from reputable websites into consideration. Good knowledge of this prepares you to make some money and get you properly started in betting if you’re new to WoW.

Understand how the game is played

World of Warcraft is not the easiest game to play; there are many challenges you’ll encounter along the way. It’s up to you to really take time to understand the metrics of the game modes, its characters, classes, how the meta shifts continuously when new patches are rolled on Blizzard, and how one thing can lead to another to determine your success or failure in the game.

A proper understanding of the game and how it works will help you in making the right decision on placing bets, a distinctive quality of a professional better.

Be Smart!

When it comes to WoW, you have to be aware of your level of knowledge. If you’re new to the game, except that you’re a novice, set a good amount of money aside, and take less risky bets to give you some winnings. As you become more experienced in the business, you may start venturing into riskier wagers and placing more complex bets.

Greed could easily kill all your chances of making money while betting, especially in WoW. Make sure you’re betting with money you can risk losing, and most importantly, have fun while at it.

Become a part of the WoW Community

Once you’ve had a decent grasp of how the game works, it’s time to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the WoW esports ecosystem. Do your research and use resources available online such as Reddit threads related to World of Warcraft, to know the most seasoned teams in the AWC and MDI. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the newest players getting prepared for the next season.

wow esports betting sites

How to choose the best WoW betting site for you

Standing as one of the most popular games in the world of esports gaming, World of Warcraft websites are one of the most visited, and one could easily get lost in the pool of so many of these sites. However, we have some tips to help you in choosing the best betting sites for you.

The reputation of the website

When it comes to placing bets on a website, you want to be sure the platform is a reputable one. Take your time to read user reviews, make sure they have their license and regulations. It s important you bet with a website that is legal and legit such as those we’ve stated earlier.

Odds offered

There is always a margin for errors in betting, which is why it’s important to compare and contrast various websites to find the one best suited for you. Look for websites that provide you with the best possible odds. Still confused? Take a look at some of the WoW odds offered at the websites we listed above.

Watch out for promotions.

Some WoW betting sites offer promotions for newcomers to attract more users to their websites. This serves as a great opportunity to try out different betting websites. However, some of these sites will require you to place a certain number of bets before you become eligible to make withdrawals from these promos.

Live to stream

Some websites offer live streaming where you can watch your game, which is definitely a good factor to consider when looking for the best WoW betting site for you. This is a good factor, but not a compulsory one. If your site lacks the live streaming functionality, you can always stream it via the World of Warcraft YouTube channel.

WoW betting FAQ

WoW betting is similar to that of other esports. You can place your bet on Moneyline, handicaps, PvE, PvP, and futures/outright markets.

WoW Arena is a Player-vs-Player mode where players compete with each other in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 matches.

FANDUEL is regarded as the best website for World of Warcraft as it provides bettors competitive odds, promotional offers to newcomers, a plethora of betting markets, and an amazing user experience. Check out our Fanduel Sportsbook Promos page. 

Restful and Snutz are considered the best PvP World of Warcraft players as Rogue and Warlock classes.