PA Lottery Bonus Code August 2023 is LOTTOPA for a $500 Bonus

If you are fed up with making a trip to the bricks-and-mortar building to play the lottery then why not change your habits and play online? We can kickstart your online experience with our PA lottery bonus code – LOTTOPA. This bonus code for the PA lottery will give you a no deposit bonus of $20 to ease you in with a matched deposit benefit up to a whopping $500.

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Bonus & Offers details
  • $20 no deposit required bonus
  • A 100% matched deposit up to the value of $500

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago

You’ll also be pleased to know that it is not all about the lottery itself either because with the PA lottery online you can delve into much more than just the traditional lotto game. You’ve got draw games, scratchcards, fast play, keno, and virtual sports to explore too.

No, we know you’re keen to understand more about this, but let’s breathe and take a second. The temptation to go rushing in for what is effectively a free $20 to play with plus matched deposits up to $500 is strong but educate yourself first. As you read on we will be covering everything PA lottery-based ranging from the specifics attached to the offer through to how the PA lottery gives back to the community and supports problem gamblers. In addition to that, we’ll also be looking at who qualifies for the code, touching on the different ways you can play and exploring just how much you could stand to win – if you’re one of the lucky ones, of course! Shall we get started? Ooh, go on then.

PA lottery bonus code for

Okay, already we’ve dangled the attractive carrot that is the PA lottery bonus code with a brief mention of the benefits it can bring to you and your gaming experience. Now we’re getting to the real stuff, which is what we’re all here for. In essence, the PA lottery bonus code is simply a welcome bonus but, unlike many welcome offers, there are two layers to this one. You can tap into a small part of the promotion when you sign up for the PA online lottery and then unlock the second, much larger part of the bonus when depositing your funds into your account. The perks of the promo are broken down as follows:

Lottery PA iLottery

PA Lottery Promo Code


Sign Up Bonus

100% matched deposit up to the value of $500

Last Verified:

The $20 element

The $20 no deposit required bonus is fairly straightforward to explain; it does exactly as it tells you it does. When you sign up with the PA lottery online you will be given $20 risk-free to play with.


The up to $500 element

When it comes to unlocking the larger bonus of up to $500 you’ll need to deposit funds of at least $10; this will promptly be doubled to form your 100% matched deposit bonus. You can now play to your heart’s content. Of course, it’s worth stressing that whilst the first part of the PA lottery deposit bonus code is risk-free, the second is only risk-free with a notable caveat; we want to caveat our ‘risk-free’ claim because you have to deposit your own hard-earned money first. If you play with those funds then your money is at risk. The matched deposit element remains fully risk-free so it is still, in our eyes, very strong promotion and worth your consideration.

pa lottery bonus code

Finally, we can’t move on without mentioning wagering requirements. If you’re not aware of what the term wagering means then, in a nutshell, it just means that your “free” funds have to be played through – or wagered. Nobody – or very few people – will give you $520 in bonus funds only to allow you to walk away with that as cash five minutes later. Current terms and conditions mean you have to wager the bonus through 10 times before it becomes a withdrawable balance. You’ll have 30 days in which to do this.

Who qualifies for this PA iLottery bonus?

If you have read this far then the chances are that you are excited about what the PA lottery deposit bonus code can bring you. Unfortunately, there might be a few readers that are disappointed to learn that the PA lottery isn’t open to everyone.

The eligibility criteria are very simple to explain with two boxes that have to be checked in order to partake in the Pennsylvania state lottery – and its associated games. The first box you must tick is based on your location; you must be located within the state boundaries. Next up it’s all about your age. In Pennsylvania, you must be aged 18 or over in order to play the lottery. It is also worth pointing out that loopholes – such as buying tickets for underage persons – are also prohibited by state law. All players will need to verify their identity by going through a digital identification process. If you meet the required criteria in that you’re over 18-years-old and located in PA then signing up is a doddle.

Follow these steps to sign up for the PA iLottery
Navigate to the PA lottery site; this can be done using your browser search bar or by using one of our links
Ensure you populate your PA lottery bonus code - LOTTOPA - during the sign up process
Create your account; this will include populating a username and password
Populate your personal information as required; this will be things such as your name, address and DOB
Decide upon your security questions and answers; this adds a layer of protection to your account
Open your account & Sign In

At this point in the process, you should find the $20 no deposit required bonus is funded to your account; you can play with this on games as you so wish. Do not forget that if you want to benefit fully from the PA lottery bonus code that you’ll need to deposit funds. To do this follow the process below:

  1. Go to the “Cashier” section
  2. Deposit the amount of money you want to be 100% matched (remember – you’ll need to deposit a minimum of $10)
  3. Your funds will be boosted courtesy of the PA lottery online bonus code

pa lottery bonus code for the mobile app

From this point on, it is all-out action. You can start playing the vast array of games offered on the PA lottery site but remember you have got a 10 times wagering requirement to hit before you can actually transform your funds from the PA lottery bonus code into withdrawable winnings.

Other PA Lottery Promotions, Offers & Bonuses that could be of interest to you


You’ll be hard-pressed to find many people that don’t agree that the PA lottery bonus code is the offer to use when signing up to play the Pennsylvania state lottery. Just because it’s the best offer out there though, it doesn’t mean it’s the only one. One area you can explore within the online PA lottery is their VIP program. This will give you $5 free when signing up to the program but, from there on out, every time you play the iLottery on a mobile or tablet device you’ll be in with the chance of scooping other prizes; they include hard cash awards. That might not sound particularly enticing but becoming a PA VIP member is free to do so it is somewhat of a no-brainer.

If that still doesn’t tickle your fancy then another area that attracts a lot of punter attention is the ‘Second Chance’ scratchcards and games that are offered. Without going into every intricate detail, the ‘Second Chance’ promotion is a tag that gets assigned to different scratchcards and games at various times. When you play these games and lose, it’s not a case of being “done and bust”. Instead, they become eligible for another chance of winning prizes hence the name ‘second chance’. The games and “scratchers” eligible for second chances change on a fairly consistent cyclical basis; this means you can keep a freshness to your play whilst still improving your chances of getting a winner.

The prizes can be vast too with prior second chance winners banking up to $100,000; of course, there is no guarantee you’ll win anything but, you know the saying, you have to be in it to win it.

What are the biggest prizes you can win playing the PA lottery? 

One thing we can say about the Pennsylvania Lottery is that they know how to attract people to their games. They have cool promotions almost every day of the week. If you check out their Promotions page, you can see the games and bonuses featured this week. We will recap some of them here, but if you want to read the full terms and conditions of a promotion you would like to participate in, you should head to the PA Lottery app or website. Every Monday you can win $10 Bonus Money if you deposit and play $10 on Multiplier Mania. For the other days of the week, you have a chance to win some kind of cashback prize up to $500 if you play a specific amount on the game of the day. Here you can see the games featured in the latest promotions: 

  • Tuesday – $5 cashback on Deep $ea Quest 
  • Wednesday – $5 cashback on Cash Vault 
  • Sunday – $5 cashback on Mine Blowing Jackpot 

Big Jackpots for Mega Millions & Powerball 

If you would like to see the popular draw games Powerball and Mega Millions, you are lucky because at PA Lottery you can check if you won anything. Also, you can buy tickets for these games, where the big jackpot prize climbs every week. Currently, the estimated jackpot for Powerball is $192m estimated jackpot with a $104.9m cash value, while the estimated jackpot for the next drawing of Mega Millions is $441m jackpot with a $238.8 cash option. Check back on Tuesdays and Fridays for the new drawings for Mega Millions, and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for the Powerball drawings.  


Is there a PA lottery app for mobile devices?

PA lottery app bonus code

In the modern world, time is perhaps perceived as more precious than it ever has been before and that means that the ability to play on the go is a massive thing for a lot of people. If you’re one of them then you will be pleased to know that there is indeed a PA lottery app; this means you can not only take the perks associated with the bonus code for the PA lottery but also use the bonuses whilst on the go.

Now you know that a PA lottery app exists, the next question on your lips is likely to focus on the devices that are compatible. Whether you’re team Android or team iOS you can download a version of the app and, owing to its size, it won’t scratch the surface in storage terms based on most devices; it’s free too. All of this combines for an app that has the potential to dominate the landscape of Pennsylvania’s lottery and gaming; after all, pretty much everyone nowadays has the potential to tap into such a piece of software. Another lottery that has a great app is the MI lottery. Be sure to use our MI Lottery promo code if you’re registering for a new account!

What’s the app like?

Right, so now we know there is an app and that it’s widely available within PA, we turn our attention to answering ‘what is the app like?’. The short answer is that it’s pretty good. The more detailed answer goes a little something like this. The PA lottery app allows the customer complete control of their experience whether that be through playing the traditional PA lottery, trying their hand at games, or if they’re trying their hand at scratchcards. The standout thing with the app is unquestionably the design and navigation.

You’ve got a menu that can be toggled on and off in the top left with each section also clearly defined within a grid on the screen; from here you can delve deeper into the world of the PA lottery. One thing we should call out is how clearly the games and scratchcards display; obviously, mobile phones aren’t the biggest but the app scales everything perfectly so there is no danger of missing a section ‘off screen’ or being unable to clearly read what is intended to be visible.

Why is having an iLottery in this state better than the regular offline lottery?

Have you ever heard the phrase “time is money”? Well, if you are one of the remaining minority that still opts to play the lottery the old-fashioned way then you’re burning through time for no reason. On top of that, there is nothing a bricks-and-mortar site can offer you that the PA lottery site can’t. You can buy your lottery tickets and scratchcards, you can check the results with the scan of a code, and can explore a whole world of things that the store experience simply can’t deliver.

A lot of what we’re talking about in the paragraph above is what we’d describe as “soft” benefits; they’re nice to have but not game-changers. Well, the banking setup with the PA iLottery is a much clearer benefit to users. Not only do you have a vast array of payment options available but if you win, you really win in an instant. Let’s not talk about the massive jackpots; instead, let’s use the example of a $100 scratchcard win. If you pick one up at a store, you might play it when you get home and not cash it for another week. Online, you could still play it when you want but your winnings become yours immediately; withdrawals are hassle-free too.

Of course, the PA lottery bonus code is a fundamental perk to playing the lottery online too. The promotion doesn’t increase your chances of winning on any given draw or game but with $20 free and up to $500 matched based on your deposits it certainly brings a real incentive to playing online. We’d seriously suggest you give it a chance; and, hey, if you hate it then so what; you can close your account and head back to the bricks and mortar shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two key criteria that must be met in order for someone to be eligible to play the PA lottery; they must be 18 or over and must be located in the state.

Unfortunately, no, not anyone can. The promotion is open to new customers only. That said, you are considered a new customer if it’s just your first time playing online – previous visits to bricks and mortar locations to participate won’t be held against you.

With most online platforms like the PA lottery, verification will always be required. Expect requests for a proof of ID along with verification of your address; things like a driving licence, passport and utility invoice will all be handy.

When wanting to deposit money into you account to play with you’ve got plenty of options. Bank and credit cards are two options whilst other popular methods include Paypal, Discover and Play+. Other options are also available.

The PA lottery website was born in 1998; the state lottery was 27 years old at the time.

Yes. The PA lottery site places all of your sensitive detail onto secure servers and no third party data sharing takes place.

The Pennsylvania Lottery is 51 years old having started in 1971; it makes it one of the oldest running state lotteries in the US.

A quick history of the PA lottery

In our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section we touched on the formation of the PA lottery with things first starting up in 1971 but, as we’re sure you can imagine, the state of the lottery in is somewhat different from what it was back then; here is a very quick journey through time.

So, from that initial launch, just seven months had passed before a millionaire was made courtesy of the PA lottery with the residents going nuts for the lottery; the first year saw over $1m per week pumped into the game. Fast forward a few years and the draws were televised and the first PA ‘instant win’ game was born. Further games and draw styles were created throughout the 1980s and before the decade was out the lifetime revenue of the PA lottery broke the $10bn markers. By the middle of 1991, that $10bn turned to $15bn in scenes never before seen in North America.

pa lottery bonus code

The PA lottery isn’t all about making money though and in 1997 they clocked past the $10bn mark on the funds pushed back out to the community – predominantly aimed at helping older residents in the state. Just a year later, the Pennsylvania lottery landed on the World Wide Web, The move online has seen the rate of innovation and participation increase and in 2004 a record payout was seen as one lucky resident scooped over $120m. More games and extra draws are being added all the time to increase the opportunities for customers with the most recent change being the addition of a third weekly Powerball draw; that was announced as news in August 2021. Who knows what comes next!?

Our final thoughts on the PA lottery

We’ve covered the PA lottery and the associated PA lottery bonus code in quite a lot of detail here so before we head off and leave you to it, we thought it made sense to have a quickfire wrap-up. The all-around usability of the PA lottery website and mobile app are really smooth and easy to use. Navigation is simple, the design is easy on the eye, and, most importantly, the depth of games you can try your hand at is extensive. Beyond that, you’ve got the potential to scoop some enormous wins and, because of the promo code, you’ll get to try a lot of these game options out for little to no risk.

Another thing we really love is that the PA lottery isn’t just the same lottery offered by other states and repackaged. One of the standout points on this front is the bonus of up to $500. Take Michigan for example; even when using our MI lottery promo code you’d still get nowhere close to $500 matched. If you’re eligible for the PA lottery then count your blessings and get playing.