Michigan Lottery Promo Code August 2023 “PLAYMAX”

How do you go about playing the lottery? If you still find yourself taking a wet and windy stroll down to a brick and mortar unit to purchase your numbers then we are about to revolutionize your play because our Michigan lottery promo code – PLAYMAX – is a gamechanger.

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Exclusively for New Players: Get a $10 Bonus AND 10 Free Games!

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The bonus code, which is used during sign-up, will see you net a free $10 (matched deposit) as well as give you free play of 10 Michigan lottery online games. Of course, opting to sign up for online lottery play isn’t all about the bonus – you’ll get real benefits and satisfaction from the online experience as a whole too.

We understand how it works when you see the prospect of a $10 freebie but, breathe, take a second, and carry on reading. We will be taking you through everything you need to know about the Michigan lottery ranging from a look at the history of the lottery in the state and how technology has changed the state of play through to how much you could potentially win as well as giving you some much-needed detail on how you have to go about using your PLAYMAX Michigan lottery deposit promo code. Right, let’s begin.

Michigan lottery promo code for

The Michigan Lottery promo code is PLAYMAX. Just enter PLAYMAX when registering for your new account and you will automatically get a $10 free bonus plus 10 free instant games.

register with the Michigan lottery promo code

Very briefly, we’ve already touched on the MI lottery promo code with a high-level summary of what you get when signing up to play the Michigan lottery online. Well, now we are stepping things up to delve deeper into the detail, which is what we are all here for really, isn’t it? The obvious way to look at the Michigan lottery deposit promo code is as a signup bonus. There are, however, a couple of different elements to the promotion, which need to be looked at separately. The first part of your Michigan lottery promo code is a cash award with the second part access to some Michigan lottery online games; the specifics of those are as follows:

Lottery Michigan Online Lottery

Michigan Lottery Promo Code


Sign Up Bonus

$10 bonus cash (awarded as a matched deposit)

Free play of 10 games

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The cash element

When you’re talking about a $10 bonus in a matched deposit sense, it’s pretty easy to explain. When you sign up and deposit $10, your account will almost instantly be credited an additional balance of $10. This can be wagered across a range of games within the MI lottery site with any winnings becoming withdrawable as funds after completing the wagering requirements as detailed in the terms and conditions.

The free games element

Like the cash bonus, the free games that the MI lottery promo code unlocks for you aren’t exactly complex. Again, you won’t need to make a deposit to tap into this part of the bonus so after going through the signup process you’ll find your free games arrive in your account; this perk should be available to you almost instantly. The game(s) that are eligible for free play will be clearly defined within your account; you will be able to play 10 rounds before you need to start dipping into your free $10 or feel the need to deposit your own funds. Again, like with the cash element of your bonus, if you’re lucky enough to earn winnings from your 10 free games then the winnings will become yours to either spend or withdraw.

Use the Michigan lottery promo code

Who qualifies for this MI lottery deposit promo code?

Whilst this Michigan lottery promo code is highly attractive, unfortunately, not everyone reading will be eligible to take advantage of it. Thankfully, the criteria around who can and who cannot play are pretty straightforward to understand and explain.

In general terms, anyone who is considered an adult within the state of Michigan, which means being aged 18-years-old or over, can play via the traditional route of visiting a bricks-and-mortar site. Here though we’re more focussed on the online viability and unlocking the perks that the MI lottery promo code brings. To play online in Michigan you have to fulfill two criteria. Firstly, you must be at least 18-years-old. Secondly, if you’re to register online you also have to live within the state boundaries. There will be no “faking it” either; all sign-ups will be put through an identity verification process, which includes uploading an image of an ID card, such as a passport or driving license, and providing proof of address; things like utility bills are usually deemed acceptable for this.

Assuming you meet those two key requirements then you can get ready to play.

So, we now know that you are eligible for an online account, which means your MI lottery promo code bonus is just a few clicks away. In order to sign up and get started you simply have to follow the below:

How to sign up and play with the Michigan iLottery?
Go to the Michigan lottery website or app - this can either be done using one of our links or by going direct
Don't forget to ensure you input the Michigan lottery deposit promo code of PLAYMAX during the registration process
You will be prompted to enter your personal information along with choosing a password and username
Now enter your personal details including name, address, and date of birth
Set up your security questions; this is standard practice for many websites that helps keeps your account ultra-secure
Confirm you want to open your account
Sign in as required
Deposit $10

At this point, you’ll have unlocked all of the perks associated with the MI lottery deposit promo code. If you want to carry on playing after they have run dry then, of course, you can do exactly that. You’ll just need to add more funds to your account through the cashier. This section can be found under your account options.

Other Michigan lottery Promotions, Offers & Bonuses that could be of interest to you

Whilst it might be the $10 matched deposit and the free 10 games that draw you in to sign up for the MI lottery online they probably won’t be the thing that keeps you coming back time and time again; that will be something else. What’s that we hear you ask. Well, there is more than just one promo running at MI lottery HQ. One of the most attractive offers they run is something called ‘Daily Spin to Win’.

As you might have figured from the name of this game, this is a game where you spin the wheel to see what you win – if anything. The prizes available range significantly from small online bonuses to in-store bonuses all the way through to entries into a $5,000 prize draw. Oh and, of course, we can’t forget to mention that the ‘Daily Spin to Win’ can be played every single day for free!!

The other regular promotion that runs on the MI lottery online is dubbed the ‘Let’s Play Giveaway’. You will find certain games are earmarked for participation in this promotion and, essentially, what that means is when you play one of the chosen games, you can enter a code that puts your name in a draw to win $5,000. This draw happens every month and is guaranteed to give one entrant five grand whilst a further 50 players will take the consolation prize of $100 in online bonuses. The games that are eligible for this offer change on a cyclical basis so keep an eye out for them.


Michigan lottery promo code for other promotions

What are the biggest prizes you can scoop?

Michigan Lottery has a few extra things to offer its customers each month. For example, they offer a monthly second chance progressive jackpot with a starting prize of $5,000. Each month one winner is chosen, and you can participate by playing specific games to earn entries. Every $0.50 wagered will earn 1 entry into the Monthly Second Chance Jackpot Drawing for the current month. This month the participating games are Michigan Multiplier Wilds; Lucky Start; Mystery Vault; Monthly Jackpot. You can also check out the Let’s Play Giveaway promotion, which gives you the chance to win one prize of $5,000 or one of the fifty prizes of $100 online credit. The games participating are Big Crush Multiplier, Michigan Wild Eagle, Mystery Vault, and Spring Bucks. 

Check out the Newest Powerball and Mega Millions Jackpots 

Powerball and Mega Millions are the most popular drawing games in the country, and you can play them in Michigan, too. The current jackpots for both are: 

  • Mega Millions – $441m jackpot with a $238.8 cash option 
  • Powerball – $192m estimated jackpot with a $104.9m cash value 

These prizes will continue to climb until the big jackpot is won by anyone in the country. They can become billions instead of millions. Besides the big jackpots, you can also win eight other ways when you buy a ticket for these two games. For example, you can win by matching four numbers plus the special number or win because you matched all the regular numbers without the special number. Check out the prize charts on the official website or app of the Michigan Lottery.  


Is there a Michigan lottery app for mobile devices?

In order for the MI lottery to continue growing it was imperative that the online side of their gaming experience was well delivered and developing an app has formed a crucial part of that. That said, things did progress at different rates where the app is concerned. The first app to arrive was the Michigan lottery app for Android, however, after upsetting many Apple users, the Michigan lottery app did eventually get whipped into iOS shape as well-meaning the entire state population – or at least the vast majority of them – now have the option to play on the go. Within the app, you can play games, scratch off your scratchcards and buy tickets for draws. Beyond that, you can actually watch things like Keno draws and check the winning numbers as well. You will literally have everything you could need right in your hands.

One additional element we need to touch on is the Michigan lottery players club app. Every customer that signs up to play the MI lottery online is eligible to become a free ‘players club’ member. You should probably do it too. Why? Well, as we say, it’s free and you get freebies in return. Members are awarded points based on their spending habits; these points are then exchanged for free play games, bonuses, and other little perks. Points are awarded at a rate of two points per $1 spent.

Michigan lottery promo code for online games

What’s the app like?

There you have it, confirmation that the Michigan lottery does indeed offer a mobile app that connects 99.9% of the state’s population to their games. Beyond just having an app though the obvious question is ‘how good is it?’. Well, we can tell you. The Michigan lottery app can be described as decent at the very least. The color scheme is easy on the eye, the layout of the app is smart with navigation around the place very simple courtesy of bold images and slick menus.

Most of the app’s perks center around the online experience with smooth gameplay, quick payouts, and varied payment options but, then, as you dig deeper, you’ll find a range of useful tools within the app that connect the online and traditional worlds; the barcode reader that allows you to verify physical tickets within your app is one example of how the app can broaden your scope. It ticks a lot of boxes.

Why is having an iLottery in this state better than the regular offline lottery?

Depending on your view of ‘modern ways’ you might be wondering exactly what benefits playing the iLottery holds compared to the traditional way of playing in bricks and mortar units. Well, there is a multitude of pro-online arguments we can offer up with one of the key things being that the old-fashioned avenue of playing the lottery literally offers nothing that playing online doesn’t; the same cannot be said in reverse. Online gaming ticks a lot of boxes that bricks-and-mortar stores will never be able to deliver on.

One of the key things the iLottery has going for it is that it saves you a fair crack of time. Never again will you have to fight the elements to buy your tickets or scratchcards. Nor will you need to make that trip to check your numbers or to claim your winnings. The online setup puts all that stuff at your fingertips whether it be the buying, checking, or claiming side, Of course, if you have been lucky enough to pick a winner then the additional perk your get from the iLottery is that you’ll be paid out before you know it.

Last but not least, the other huge plus point the Michigan lottery has going for it is the Michigan lottery promo code. As we’ve touched on throughout this article, that bonus code allows you to tap into a couple of freebies, which are two things you simply do not get visiting your local lottery retailer; it is basically free cash so simply by signing up, you’re sort of a winner already – albeit the lottery itself has prizes that are much more eyecatching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan lottery is open to anyone over the age of 18 if shopping at a retail unit. If, however, you want to play online then you have to a) be over the age of 18 and b) be a resident of the state of Michigan.

No, there are a couple of exclusions for certain people. Firstly, anyone who doesn’t meet the criteria set out in the above question cannot claim the bonus and, secondly, the promo code is only available to new customers (from an online perspective; previous players of the lottery that have played in-store will still be classed as ‘new’ when signing up online.

Yes, you should expect requests for two forms of ID. The MI lottery will ask for a driving license or passport as well as something that proves your residence in the state; a utility bill or letter from the bank will normally suffice.

Pretty much everyone will find a way of depositing to their accounts. Your five available payment options are ACH – Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Game Card and PayPal.

The Michigan lottery has not yet been fully online for a decade. Their first real move online came back in 2014.

Of course. The MI lottery site does not share personal data with third-party companies and secure servers are used to keep your sensitive information extra safe.

The Michigan lottery celebrated its half-century in November 2022; that puts it amongst some of the older lotteries in the United States.

A quick history of the MI lottery

In , the talk of the town might be about the Michigan lottery app or the MI lottery bonus code but it has been a long journey to get to the impressive place where the iLottery is now. It started more than 50 years ago with the intention of funding the state’s public schools; since the inception of that program, the lottery has raised in excess of $20bn for those school causes. Now, about that first game, to be specific on the date of the launch the first game was played on 13th November 1972 whilst the first millionaire was made less than three months later. The traction the lottery received early on was pretty crazy and within a few years instant games, which form a key offering of the current MI lottery site today, were born.

Although the Michigan lottery and associated games have been hugely popular over the years, it took a long time for the state to truly adopt an online presence. Steps were taken earlier than this but the real push for an online lottery service didn’t arrive until 2014. That’s considerably later than other states; take Pennsylvania, for example, their online platform started in the nineties, which might explain why the PA lottery promo code carries a bit more punch. With new games, new promos, and more money being paid out to good causes on an almost daily basis, you can only expect the MI lottery to go in one direction – that is upwards.

Our final thoughts on the MI lottery

First things first we’ll start with the bonus itself. Now, it is very tough to be too critical of a site that offers a promo code that gives you $10 bonus cash and 10 free games. It’s an attractive signup bonus. Yes, there are stronger offers out there in other states but that’s largely irrelevant because of the eligibility criteria each state places around their lottery and gaming terms and conditions.

The next thing you have to consider is the site and app experience itself; if you are playing online then it needs to be quicker, easier, and more enjoyable than doing things the old-fashioned way. The MI lottery delivers this experience with plenty of room to spare in our view. You can point to things like the fact the iOS app was slow to arrive but a) it is there now and b) the website itself is mobile-friendly anyway meaning the MI lottery is never more than a fingertip away regardless of having the ability to get the app. Also, if you’re looking for an alternative check out our VA lottery promo code that you can use to register with the Virginia iLottery.

Finally, you have got the prize pool; let’s face it, that’s the main reason we all play. The prizes are substantial and varied meaning you’ll always feel like you’ve got a chance of walking away with something – even if it’s a small win. Of course, before we sign off, we should stress that the MI lottery is a form of gambling so even small wins cannot be guaranteed. We can promise to keep our fingers crossed for you though so good luck and bet safely!