VA Lottery Promo Code 2023: LOTTOVA to get $100 deposit!

If you are remotely interested in dabbling in instant win games, scratchcards, and table games then this VA lottery promo code could be right up your street. In fact, we are pretty sure it will be. What you’ll get from this code is a 50% deposit match up to the handsome figure of $100 along with a bash at 20 free games of Vegas Cash Drop. The additional beauty of this Virginia lottery promo code is that you won’t be subjected to wagering requirements; that’s quite different in the world of casino promos.

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Bonus & Offers details
  • A 50% matched deposit up to the value of $100
  • 20 free games of Vegas Cash Drop!

18+ | Only for residents of Virginia

Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago

Before we go diving into the details, we thought it would be wise to give you a rundown of what you can expect us to cover. We’ll start with a look at exactly what the code unlocks for you before touching on the terms and conditions. From there we’ll look at who can benefit from the code before getting into a more general look at the VA lottery. Shall we get cracking? Let’s go.

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VA Lottery Promo Code


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Right, so during our opening paragraph we touched on the benefits of the VA lottery promo code and now it is time to ‘get under the hood’ of the offer. In many ways, the offer can simply be regarded as a VA lottery deposit promo; the reason for that is that you will unlock all the perks of the promo when signing up and depositing funds to your account. There are a few different layers to the promo code to chat through:

  • A 50% matched deposit up to the value of $100
  • 20 free games of Vegas Cash Drop!

The two sets of free games you can tap into a pretty easily explained in that they give you what they say on the tin; that is that you’ll get 20 free cracks at Vegas Cash Drop. What that means is you not only have a chance to walk away with some cash in your pocket but you’ll also have a really good – and largely risk-free – opportunity to learn how the games and software of the VA lottery works. Of course, we’ve mentioned ‘largely risk-free’ here; the games themselves won’t cost you anything to participate in, however, you will need to deposit initially to unlock the benefits of the VA lottery promo code hence some will see it as an element of risk. Still, it’s a tidy deal!

As for the 50% matched deposit aspect of the promotion that is as it sounds. You’ll get half (50%) of your deposit back as bonus funds to play with. The VA lottery deposit promo allows you to bank up to $100; that means you’d need to deposit $200 in order to grab the maximum benefit. The minimum amount you can deposit is $10.

Who qualifies for this VA Lottery bonus?

Depending on who you are and where you’re based, you might be gutted to learn that you are not eligible for this promotion. That said, there will be a select number of readers that will be buzzing to see that the VA lottery promo code is for their use.

There are two key boxes that you have to tick in order to be eligible to play the Virginia lottery. Firstly, you have to be located in the commonwealth and, secondly, you must be aged at least 18-years-old. On that note, there are also laws against those over 18 buying tickets and participating in the games on VA lottery on behalf of minors. If you do meet the requirements then signing up is pretty simple:

va lottery promo code

  1. Navigate to the VA lottery site (this can be directly or via one of our links)
  2. During the sign-up process be sure to enter your Virginia Lottery promo code
  3. Populate your sign in details; this will be your username and password
  4. Input your personal information as required
  5. Detail your security questions and answers
  6. Open your account
  7. Sign in
  8. Navigate to the banking section and deposit between $10 and $200
    (you can do this at any point in the 30 days after opening your account)



When you reach this point, you’ll see the bonus land in your account pretty much instantly. As mentioned previously, there are no wagering requirements on your winnings but one point you won’t want to overlook is that the free games must be played within 24 hours.

If you are one of the unfortunate readers that aren’t eligible to use the Virginia lottery promo code then, don’t fear, other states offer lotteries too. You can check out whether you can tap into the PA lottery bonus code here. Alternatively, head back to our home page for lots more info and offers.

Other VA Lottery Promotions, Offers & Bonuses that could be of interest to you

Whilst the undoubtedly best offer available at VA lottery is that available through the VA lottery promo code it doesn’t mean there are no other perks to signing up. One area that brings a nice benefit with it is the scratchcards – or scratchers as they’re often known. ‘Scratchers’ range in price from $1 up to $30 and can net you some massive returns with many running well north of a million dollars. It’s not just a case of trying your hand for some mammoth returns though. Within the scratchcards section of the VA lottery site, you can also take advantage of ‘Extra Chances’. Extra chances are exactly what it sounds like – another opportunity to win.

We’re not talking about pathetic little bonuses either. You can scoop up to $25,000 but the potential prize pool is very deep. The $25k is an almighty top prize but this filters all the way down to holidays, homeware vouchers, and restaurant experiences. It is worth noting that not every scratchcard is eligible for an Extra Chance entry; it’s very much promotion so the cards that are eligible switch from time to time. The prizes associated with the offers change too; they’re always good though.

What are the biggest prizes you can win?

VA Lottery is a place where you can win from many different scratchers, games, or promotions. Even if you get a non-winning ticket, you can still register it in the eXTRA Chances menu to get that one more shot at winning a prize. This week’s prizes are: 

  • $600 DIY Days 
  • $1,100 Apple Gift Card 
  • $425 Fuel Your Summer 

They might update the prizes, so you should check them out from time to time because they may add something you want. The Livin’ Lucky with Luke Combs promotion is still going on even though they already had two drawings. The third drawing is scheduled for 5/9/23, but you can register tickets up to two days before the drawing date. There will be only one lucky winner who will win the trip to a concert, $10,000 at the concert, a chance to win $500,000, and many more. You can check out the full details of the promotion on the Virginia Lottery website or mobile app.  

Updated Jackpot Prizes for Mega Millions and Powerball

If you are a fan of big jackpots, then we recommend you check out the Powerball and Mega Millions draw games. There are two Mega Millions drawings per week on Tuesday and Friday, and the latest winning numbers are 12, 32, 49, 51, 66, and Mega Ball number 21. Powerball drawings are live every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and the latest winning numbers are 11, 22, 24, 51, 60, and Powerball number 18. If the big jackpot isn’t won, the sum gets bigger with every drawing. Here are the estimated jackpots for the next drawings: 

  • Mega Millions – $441m jackpot with a $238.8 cash option 
  • Powerball – $192m estimated jackpot with a $104.9m cash value 


Is there a VA lottery mobile app?

Right, first things first, yes there is a VA lottery app for you to use if you so wish, which given today’s world of everyone going here, there, and everywhere is perhaps highly appealing. You don’t need to worry about it either because regardless of whether you sign up on a mobile app or via a desktop computer you can still benefit from the Virginia lottery promo code. Phew. Now, with that confirmed let’s take a look at the app.

The first thing to note is that the VA lottery mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices; that instantly means that pretty much everyone in Virginia has the ability to have the lottery in their hands with the app highly unlikely to make too much of a dent on your device storage. As for the app itself, there is very little difference between the iOS and Android formats with both offering up smartly laid out menus that aid seamless navigation around the lottery promo code

You’ll find the menu option in the top left, which opens up the master menu, and once into a sub-section, say scratchcards, you’ll be able to find the scratcher you want with your eyes closed; you can scroll through all the available cards, you can sort them or you can use a filter option to trim down your options. It is a similar deal whatever you want.

And, do you know what, regardless of whether you’re there for the lottery, scratchcards, or table games these are all accessible on the app, and, more importantly, the gameplay of these is smooth and comes with crystal clear displays. Away from the app design and usability, there are other benefits. The VA app also puts you in control; it’s perfectly designed for the person on the go.

What is the VA website like?

We’ve already spoken over the mobile app, which is the way most customers want to play if they are using their phone or a tablet; it’s not the only option though. You also have the VA lottery website, which is another place you can benefit from the Virginia lottery promo code . If you don’t want to download the app then the website is mobile and desktop-friendly and, usability-wise, things are pretty similar to what we’ve described with the app – albeit they look slightly different. You’ll still find the site is highly user-friendly with navigation a doddle and the color scheme of green and white is easy on the eye.

When on the site, you can quickly access the winning numbers accessing the menu in the top left with the other elements of the VA lottery accessible through a more defined horizontal ribbon. Here you can place your wagers and navigate through to the range of different games; they all come with helpful demos too so you’ll know exactly where you stand before putting your money at risk.

The rest of the website is dedicated to educating you on various elements. You can check out past winners, find out how to claim big winnings, and stay up to date with general news in the “Winners & News” section. Beyond that, you can delve deeper into the VA lottery. What do we mean? Well, you can read up on all the good work they do with their funds and seek help and support on playing responsibly.

Why is having an iLottery in this state better than the regular offline lottery?

Depending on your upbringing you may well question the benefit of using the iLottery rather than playing through the old channels. Of course, it’s ultimately your choice but in our view, if you’re rigidly sticking to placing your lottery picks at a store then you are leaving a world of opportunity untapped through the online version. The first thing that springs to mind is the time that you’ll be wasting.

If you use the VA lottery website or, alternatively, the VA lottery app you can play the games you want within a matter of mere seconds. It’s not only about replacing the old-fashioned bricks and mortar sites though. You can check results in a heartbeat, you can play additional games and, of course, you can unlock highly attractive freebies through things like the Virginia lottery promo code that we are discussing here.

va lottery promo code for mobile

Needless to say, if you are a tad averse to tech then it’s highly feasible the list of benefits we’ve just listed don’t sound like they’d be of use or interest to you. Well, it’s not all about giving you more options, more perks, and more time. The other benefits of the VA website and VA lottery mobile app include things like the multiple payment methods; this is a perk in both the variety of methods they offer as well in addition to the security measures they have in place and how efficiently deposits and withdrawals work. It is a seamless process.

Finally, you have customer service at your fingertips meaning you can get your questions answered and problems sorted both quickly and with a hard and fast paper trail to ensure you never have trouble arguing your point again. Go on, give the iLottery ago; after all, if you don’t like it, what have you lost?

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to sign up and play the Virginia lottery, you must a) be aged 18 or older and b) resident in the state.

No. Only new customers to Virginia lottery can use the promo code; if you’ve only played through bricks and mortar locations, you will be classified as a new customer.

Yes there is. You will need to verify your address and provide proof of ID. This is easily done through scanned images or photo uploaded of passports or driving licences and proof of address documents like a utility bill.

Yes. The VA lottery site holds your personal details on secure servers with no third party sharing in place.

The Virginia lottery first started in the Eighties putting it at over 30 years old. That said, their move online is much more recent with more being added all the time.

Find out about the history of the VA Lottery

The VA lottery

If concepts like the VA promo code are new to you then don’t worry too much; you’re definitely not the only one. The development of the VA lottery being available online is a fairly new development; at least it is in regards to the complete package we’ve discussed here.

The backbone to the VA lottery is, of course, the lottery game itself; which launched back in 1988 meaning it’s been going for 34 years now. Originally, you could only partake by visiting bricks and mortar locations but that changed long ago as the world adopted to a world built around the World Wide Web, which first came about a year after the Virginia lottery launched; admittedly, the transition of things like the lottery to the internet took some time from the initial launch. Even so, basic concepts like the purchasing of tickets and checking of results have long been available online.

What is much more recent is the ‘on the go’ availability of the VA lottery through a mobile-friendly website and mobile app. Along with that, the VA lottery has grown to be more than just a lottery game. Since 2019, the online offering – including the app – has been built out with elements like scratchers and other games. This progression is not going to slow down; whilst the site and app are as slick as any modern-day gaming site there is still room for improvement with other elements. Take the depth of games as an example. The site attached to the Pennsylvania lottery, which also provides a bonus in the shape of a PA lottery promo code, has a better range of games right now; that gap will lessen.

The Sportsbook

One element of the VA lottery we haven’t yet touched on is the sports betting element. It’s not the be-all and end-all of this article but it shouldn’t be ignored when talking about the history of the VA lottery. Virginia has just clocked over their anniversary of 12 months of legal sports betting in their state; we’re already seeing substantial numbers wagered October 2021 seeing the peak of over $427m. That’s relevant because the VA lottery oversees the sports betting regulation in Virginia. As such, they’re getting their hands on some pretty hefty sums through the 15% tax; it gives them plenty of cash to reinvest into the community and aspects like problem gambling. Find out more about the VA sportsbooks.

Our Final Thoughts on the VA Lottery

So, we’ve nearly reached the end of our VA lottery rundown. Before we sign off and leave you to your day, we just want to have a quick run down. The Virginia Lottery is a highly trusted and well-respected brand that offers customers a wealth of gaming options ranging from traditional lottery games, table games, and scratchcards along with a fair few bespoke lottery games that have a modern-day twist; it means almost everyone will find something they love. On top of that, you can kick start it all with up to $100 free when using our VA lottery promo code.

In addition to the depth of games, whilst you can still play the Virginia lottery by heading to bricks and mortar store most people will find it much easier to play online or, if you’re someone that likes to play on the move, via the VA lottery app. Taking up one of these tech-based options means you have the games at your fingertips, easy access to customer services, advice guides, and support for any potential problem gambling. Finally, it also means you can fund your account – and withdraw any winnings – at the tap of a button.

With the Virginia lottery now over 30 years old, it’s fair to say they’ve innovated a lot over the years to get to where they are today. We fully expect that trajectory to continue over the coming months and years. New scratchcards land on a frequent basis at the moment, which keeps things fresh but you should expect more of the same from the other gaming sections too. The other obvious place that the VA lottery might expand in the not too distant is the banking options with crypto a real possibility.

Now for goodbye

There you have it, everything you need to know about the VA lottery and, more importantly, an understanding of the perks the VA lottery promo code can bring. Good luck.