Connecticut Sports Betting: Best CT Betting Sites/Apps for 2023

The moment has arrived – sports betting in Connecticut is now live and kicking. At one point in time, nobody thought that this would ever happen. But thanks to some changed viewpoints among state officials, sports betting became legal in September 2021. This came several months after the bill was signed back in May 2021. However, in September, only retail betting was permitted. The first Connecticut online sports betting sites didn’t launch until the following month, in October 2021. Following a ‘soft launch’ for 7 days, the approved sites went all out and opened up all features to CT residents.

The three sites currently live in this state include FanDuel, DraftKings, and SugarHouse Sportsbook. Each brand has both a desktop site and a mobile app that CT residents can register through, and each brand has partnered with an in-state gambling location or authority to allow the launch to happen. And as an added bonus, if this is of interest, you can enjoy online casino gaming through these sites too. That’s because the legislature changed for this activity at the same time as sports betting.

As for the laws relating to gambling restrictions, these dictate that you must be a CT resident and meet the age requirement of 21 before you can legally bet online. This is consistent with regulations in other states in the US.

Best Connecticut online sports betting sites in

  • PlaySugarHouse
  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings

Latest Connecticut sports betting news

Connecticut Nudges Monthly Sports Betting Handle Record

Connecticut again showed incremental growth in sports betting handle in January as the state’s Department of Consumer Protection reported $158.1 million worth of wagers took place.

It was a 5.3% month-over-month increase from December’s figure of $150.1 million. In the three full months of wagering following a mid-October launch, the Nutmeg State has totaled just shy of $440 million handle, with 96% of that total coming via online wagering and a new monthly record set with each report.

The state’s three operators — DraftKings, FanDuel, and SugarHouse (BetRivers) — combined to generate more than $10.8 million in gross gaming revenue. That was a 21.7% increase from December as the 6.8% win rate was nearly a full percentage point higher than the prior month.

Online casino gaming, despite a drop in play in January, produced a new revenue record in Connecticut for the third straight month of full wagering following a mid-October launch.

Operators claimed nearly $22.5 million in gross revenue, a 10.7% increase from December’s $20.3 million. That occurred despite a 4.3% dip in wagers placed to $780 million. Operators posted a 2.9% win rate — nearly one-half point higher compared to 2.5% in December.

Date: February 17, 2022

Since sports betting in Connecticut has only been legal for a matter of months, there isn’t too much history that we need to cover! As you’ve seen above, retail sportsbooks went live in September 2021, which was the first major milestone for sports betting in this state. The following month, in October 2021, a few online sportsbooks went live. Perhaps the biggest news of the most recent launches is that PlaySugarHouse snapped up the partnership with CT Lottery – beating 15+ competitors in the process.

According to reports, this partnership will lead to an additional 15 retail sportsbooks located around the state over the coming years. That’s pretty exciting in itself! And most recently, Foxwoods Casino opened its DraftKings Sportsbook. This is a 12,000 sq. foot space, loaded with HD TVs and there are a bunch of in-person kiosks. With that said, we expect that more retail sportsbooks and CT sports betting platforms will emerge over the coming months.

Is sports betting legal in Connecticut for online bets?

Connecticut Sports Betting

As mentioned above, yes, sports betting is now fully live in Connecticut. This has been the case for just two months, at the time of writing, and the first Connecticut sports betting sites launched in October 2021. Prior to this month, the answer to ‘is sports betting legal in CT’ would have been no (for online wagers). As identified in the legislation, punters in CT can make wagers via mobile apps and through desktop sites. This can be done at any of the three sites that are currently live, including FanDuel, DraftKings, and PlaySugarHouse. While each of these platforms supports betting on top-tier leagues like the MLS, NBA, NHL, NFL, and others, they each have their own unique features (more on this below).

Putting individual characteristics of each brand aside, they are all bound by online gambling laws in Connecticut. These laws dictate that punters must be 21+ and a resident of Connecticut in order to legally place online wagers. You must also be physically present in CT when placing a wager. This is detected through something known as geolocation software. Basically, this is to ensure that members don’t fall foul of state-by-state differences concerning sports bets.

Where to bet on sports in Connecticut?

When the sports betting bill was passed in Connecticut, rules were relaxed in two main areas. These areas include retail sportsbooks and online betting, which are the two main ways you can now bet on sports in Connecticut. Unfortunately, sports betting is not yet permitted at professional sports venues or racetracks. With this said, let us give a few specifics on the main options right now:

  • Retail sportsbooks

Connecticut isn’t exactly flooded with physical casinos, but there are a couple of them. These physical locations are Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, both located in upstate Connecticut. Mohegan Sun arguably has the best set-up with a fully established sports bar and sportsbook, but Foxwoods has an increasing number of betting kiosks too. As a side note, the PlaySugarHouse and CT Lottery partnership is predicted to add a large number of sportsbooks across the state in the near future.

  • Online sportsbooks

If venturing out to a physical location isn’t really an option for you, then online sportsbooks are the way to go. But since the market is fresh out of the blocks, your choices aren’t far-reaching here. You can register and place bets through just three CT online sports betting sites right now – DraftKings, FanDuel, and PlaySugarHouse. With that said, these sites are fully live, meaning that all features, sports, and markets are available.

Online sportsbooks available now in Connecticut

Sports betting in Connecticut has only been live for a matter of months, at the time of writing. So as expected, the number of online sportsbooks available is fewer than what we’ve seen in other states. In fact, there are just a few CT online sports betting platforms that you can choose from right now, as identified below:

DraftKings Sportsbook

Access DraftKings >

DraftKings has developed a bit of a habit for being one of the earliest sites to launch following a change of legislation. As seen, this has remained true in Connecticut, as DraftKings is already live and offering a $1,000 welcome bonus for brand new customers. Of course, that’s a fairly enticing welcome offer for anyone. But putting bonuses aside, DraftKings has a sensational offering overall. With pool betting, live wagering, cashouts, boosted odds, and weekly free bets, there isn’t much missing from this awesome online sportsbook.

PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook

The Connecticut Lottery was one of the most sought-after partnerships by potential betting brands looking to launch in this state. According to reports, over 15 brands applied, but PlaySugarHouse got the golden ticket. In partnership with the CT Lottery, this online sportsbook has a $250 bonus available through the 100% first deposit match. There is also a fantastic mobile app to go along with the main desktop site, and this option is loaded with a ton of sports and markets to bet on.

You can even access house specials, look at statistics for several sports, and benefit from a rewards program with PlaySugarHouse.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Access FanDuel >

FanDuel is right there beside DraftKings when it comes to fast-acting betting brands. You might know FanDuel as an epic fantasy sports betting site, but these days, the site is so much more. There is a $1000 No Sweat First Bet offer on the table right now, and this is backed up by a huge selection of sports to bet on. FanDuel tends to whip up specials for all major US leagues too such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, and others. The site isn’t disappointing when it comes to reloading bonuses for existing players either. Top events attract exclusive markets, enhanced odds, free bets, and even parlay boosts!

What about the legal online sports betting apps?

Along with the launch of desktop betting, Connecticut mobile sports betting also went live back in October 2021. This meant that punters could immediately start downloading the respective sports betting apps where available. And on that note, all three live betting sites have all come equipped with a native app. The apps can be installed on both iOS and Android devices, which includes the vast majority of smartphones as well as tablets.

Needless to say, the beauty of betting via such apps means you are never more than a few taps of the screen away from placing a wager. At the same time, these apps are so powerful that they support cashouts, bet builders, reload bonuses, streaming (varies by site), as well as push notifications so you never miss a beat. Each site actually has a link to where you can download the app from their respective homepages.

This means that if you visit the URL for FanDuel, SugarHouse, or DraftKings on your smartphone, you should be able to download the app directly through the page. But before we continue, let us give you a quick snapshot of the partnerships in place to permit such apps:

  • FanDuel Sportsbook – Mohegan Sun
  • DraftKings Sportsbook – Foxwoods
  • PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook – CT Lottery

Connecticut online sports betting sites that could be launching soon

This is a bit of a tricky one in CT, especially with the market being so new. It’s also tough to predict new sites because of current regulations. These dictate that brands must partner up with an in-state operator, and all of the available partnerships have already been snapped up. Of course, this greatly reduces the ‘ease of launch’ element in this state. However, there are rumors that the CT Lottery, in partnership with PlaySugarHouse, will launch a further 15 sportsbooks around the state.

Reading between the lines, this would mean that an additional 15 partnerships would open up, although regulations are somewhat blurry on this. Regardless, if new partnerships were able to be established in 2022, here are some of the big names that we feel might make a push into the market:


Caesars is a well-known betting brand in this part of the world. And while Caesars previously operated independently for sports betting, these guys have since acquired William Hill to launch in other states. With William Hill showing such ambition for expansion in North America, we feel that Caesars will align with these intentions and possibly look to launch in CT. Again, this is speculative since official partnerships have yet to become available, but Caesars certainly has the power to pull this off.


BetMGM is already fully operational in many states across North America, and they are showing no real signs of slowing down. They have launched soon after sports betting approval in most of the states in which they currently operate. So if their track record is anything to go by, we see no reason that BetMGM wouldn’t look to target Connecticut. They certainly have the budget and resources to develop a great CT betting site too.


PointsBet, like the other brands mentioned here, is already up and running in many states. These guys have captured the hearts of punters with their combination of fixed odds and spread betting, and they have a fantastic mobile app available in many states. Adding to the speculation, PointsBet has partnerships in place with several of North America’s top sports leagues, including the NBA. These are certainly promising signs, and a PointsBet launch in CT would seem both feasible and logical.


Bet365 might be an overseas brand, but they have every reason to launch in CT. Why? Because bet365 has already been taking advantage of openings in other states, and they have a great brand following behind them. Bet365 is also a formidable mobile betting site, which keeps in line with the kinds of trends we have been seeing from CT punters since state regulations were relaxed.

Other things you should know about online sports betting sites in Connecticut

Opening a new sports betting account in Connecticut

In all honesty, it’s pretty easy to open a new sports betting account in Connecticut. Assuming you have easy internet access, which 99% of the state must have, you are already good to go. You have the choice of registering through one of the established desktop sites, or you can go down the Connecticut mobile sports betting route by downloading one of the apps. Either way, you’ll still need to provide personal details and create new sign-in credentials.

This information includes providing your SSN, name, DOB, address, as well as creating a new email and password. Bear in mind that when you’ve given this information, each of the legal betting sites in Connecticut will ask you to confirm the details. This involves emailing the team with proof of ID and address. Once approved, you won’t have to worry about any speed bumps coming your way in the future.

And beyond this, we would also recommend that you take the time to provide backup cell phone numbers, email, and you can even create unique PIN numbers when logging in for added account protection.

What kind of welcome bonus can you get with a Connecticut sports betting operator?

All CT online sports betting platforms currently have a sign-up offer that you can redeem after registering. These do vary in terms of how they work, but they are all given for the same underlying reason – to get you to register. That’s why you can see such offers like a $1,000 risk-free bet at FanDuel, which is the offer we recommend that you take over the other two. These offers need to be large and enticing so that you choose that particular sportsbook over another one.

There is nothing shady about this, it just means that you can make the most of a bigger and better offer thanks to a competitive market! With that said, when grabbing your welcome bonus, some sites allow you to use a promo code, some have payment method restrictions, and all of them have expiration dates that you must pay attention to. All of this is shown in the small print of a welcome bonus, so don’t skip past that part!

With that out of the way, let us describe some of the more popular sign-up offers in greater detail right now:

Risk-free bet

In the world of Connecticut sports betting, it’s all about assessing risk and placing your wagers accordingly. But what if that risk was completely eliminated? Well, it can be through risk-free sign-up offers. These types of bonuses let you take a punt on a market with the promise that you’ll be reimbursed should the bet result in anything but a win. As seen with FanDuel, the maximum refund here is as high as $1,000, which is fairly generous.

Odds boost

Say you choose a betting market with odds that would result in a $50 profit (depending on your wager) for your first bet. If you make this wager as part of an odds boost offer, these returns are given a kick so that the returns might jump to $80, $100, or even more. All of this varies based on how much you bet, but since these offers increase your potential returns, it is never going to be a bad thing! Make sure you keep an eye out for when major events roll around too, as that’s where you might find significant odds boost incentives.

Bet match

Rather than boosting the odds, some betting sites hand out bet matches for first-time punters. This means that the initial amount you wager might get doubled, or possibly even tripled depending on the terms of the bonus. Essentially, since this bonus goes towards the bet, your returns are then increased since the size of your wager is increased thanks to the bookies input. As you’ve seen above, bet matches aren’t part of the current sign-up offerings at any of the three sites, but they could appear in the future.

Deposit bonus

Whenever you make your first deposit, certain betting sites will give you a helping hand and match your deposit value to a set percentage. Take DraftKings as an example, there is a 20% first deposit bonus available for new customers, with a maximum boost of $1,000. However, other betting sites can be a bit more generous by handing out matches of up to 100% – essentially doubling your money with your first deposit.

Profit boost

We do see profit boosts as part of welcome offers from time to time, but they are by no means as common as the other variations detailed above. But if you do manage to lock in a profit boost with a welcome offer at any CT sports betting platform, basically, you are in with a shot at getting a bonus through any winnings. This might be a 10%, 25%, or even a 50% boost on top of any winning bets, which can add up should your first bet result in a decent return.

Betting on the most popular Connecticut sports

Connecticut Sports Betting


Like all other states in North America, the NFL has a huge following in Connecticut. However, there are no homegrown NFL teams to speak of, unfortunately. But while there are no local teams to get behind, you can still wager on all of the NFL action at the top Connecticut sports betting sites. In fact, you can make a moneyline bet for any individual game of the entire season, as well as place futures bets on larger events such as the Super Bowl. With the NFL being such a popular league, you can frequently obtain bonuses at all three live sportsbooks too, which is a great way of adding value to your bets.


Much like the NFL above, there are no NBA teams based in Connecticut. However, with Connecticut’s close proximity to New York State, you can easily hop over the board and watch teams such as the Brooklyn Nets. You could even head up the road and watch the Boston Celtics – it’s entirely up to you. But one thing is for sure, you can wager on a ton of NBA action at online sportsbooks in this state. This includes all of the regular season games, post-season games, and it often includes over 100+ markets for larger games. The NBA is also a decent sport for live betting, which can be done at all three betting sites.


If baseball is a sport that runs in your blood, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can wager on plenty of MLB games at top sites. The markets for baseball are usually pretty creative too, with options such as point scorers, outs, innings by innings betting, final score, and so much more. And if you tune in for major events like the World Series, it’s essentially a guarantee that you’ll get your hands on bonuses and exclusive markets – sometimes with boosted odds to give your returns a nice kick. With that said, you won’t be able to watch any local CT MLB teams, as there aren’t any to speak of.


Local interest for the NHL is a little more profound than some of the other leagues, but there still isn’t an official CT team that plays in the NHL. There are, however, two teams that are affiliated with NHL teams – the Bridgeport Islanders (New York Islanders) and Hartford Wolf Pack (New York Rangers). Both of these teams compete in the AHL, somewhat of a subsidiary of the NHL, and they do play their games at stadiums based in CT. So yes, you can go and watch some exciting hockey action, and you can also bet on professional NHL games at all online sportsbooks in Connecticut.

This includes regular-season games as well as the Stanley Cup, with the latter being the main event of the season – often resulting in great bonuses and other betting incentives.


A cool thing about betting on MMA is that some of the fights can take place in Manhattan, usually at Madison Square Garden. Of course, this stadium is just a short drive over the border depending on where in CT you are based. That means you can grab a ticket and go to watch the fight at times. But if you don’t fancy heading out to watch the fight, you can still rest assured that Connecticut sports betting sites will cover the action. Most sites pump out at least 20-30 different betting options for MMA fights, and the odds tend to be quite competitive, especially at sites like DraftKings (often a sponsor of MMA action).


Again, the reason for MLS’s popularity in Connecticut isn’t due to homegrown interest. It’s actually because the MLS has local teams based just over the border, in states such as New York and New Jersey. But besides the close proximity to states that do have professional MLS teams in place, the MLS is a booming league in the US in general. Soccer is picking up steam massively in North America, and the availability of betting sites in CT is also helping to fuel the fire. That’s why you can wager on all regular-season games for the MLS, and standard games often involve more than 100 betting markets – always a positive thing.

ATP/WTA Tennis

Connecticut is one of those states where tennis has a pretty large following. Of course, the state is right next to New York, home of the US Open that gets played in September each year. But besides this huge Grand Slam, Connecticut itself does host a series of professional events on both the WTA and ATP Tour. That’s why fans can get out there and watch pro games with ease, and yes, tennis matches always have some fun betting options to explore. These can include moneyline, handicaps, set by set, game by game, and even point by point betting at certain sites.

And when the US Open does come around, great bonuses are never too far away.

PGA Golf

Much like tennis, golf has a particularly strong following in this part of the country. There are great (and local) golf courses located all over the state, with several professional tournaments being played at the very best ones. Automatically, this means that there is more interest in the PGA Tour compared with other places, and golf is actually a great sport for placing wagers, period. You can bet on the tournament winner through futures markets, wager on hole-by-hole performances, and even bet on the final score for the course per player.

So while golf might sometimes be described as dull by some, the betting markets are anything but!

History of Connecticut Sports Betting

The history of legal sports betting in Connecticut might not be very long, but the journey getting here was anything but a walk in the park. In fact, the first talks surrounding the legalization of sports betting in CT started back in 2017, which is where we will begin:

2017 – the match is lit

In 2017, the Department of Consumer Protection was issued with bill 17-209, a Public Act Bill that first described proposed changes to sports betting in the state. There wasn’t really much to this bill in all honesty, as it simply detailed a proposed change to the current regulations. The DCP responded to this bill by stating that they would await the outcome of the Federal case involving New Jersey and sports betting. That’s actually the route that many states took in the early stages, as a lot was riding on the outcome of that lawsuit over the border.

2018 – official hearings are held

This was the year that witnessed the first concrete discussions towards legalizing sports betting in this state. In May of this year, the Public Safety and Security Committee conducted a court hearing with lawyers from two professional leagues – the MLB and NBA. While neither league was opposed to the idea of sports betting in Connecticut, they did want certain restrictions on what bets could be placed. In addition to this, they wanted to collect a 1% ‘integrity fee’. Essentially, this would work as a 1% tax on all bets wagered on their respective leagues across the entire state.

Of course, should sports betting take off in CT as anticipated, this would result in quite a considerable amount of money. Naturally, the powers that be pushed back on this fee, and no official changes were made to sports betting for the time being.

2019 – an unproductive 12 months

If you recall from 2018, the bill that was put forward to legalize sports betting didn’t see much joy in previous months. And in 2019, while there was a hearing in the fall that once again addressed the idea of making sports betting legal, nothing ultimately happened. No agreements were reached between professional leagues, in-state casinos, and certainly not with the senior state officials that were addressing the issue. That’s why 2019 was a pretty dull year for sports betting negotiations, and if anything, the bill moved backward instead of forward.

2020 – not much joy once again

Finally, some official sports betting packages detailing how the industry might work were put forward to senior officials. These two packages were known as the S21 and H5168, and they each had a different proposal to put forward. S21 proposed that local tribes who already possess rights to operate physical casinos would be granted an online gaming license. This is in addition to a standard sports betting license, and it also included a proposal to launch another casino in Bridgeport.

H5168, in contrast, was designed to let two separate tribes run and operate physical casinos, as well as permit off-track betting. Sadly, both packages fell flat on their face when they made it to the house, and sports betting saw no real movement throughout 2020.

2021 – at long last …

2021 was the year that the entire sports betting landscape changed in CT. Gov. Ned Lamont revisited the bills that were put forward back in 2020, and an agreement was actually made between two separate tribes – both Mohegan and Mashantucket. The agreement between the tribes had previously been a major obstacle, but Lamont managed to get it done through the appropriate channels. These two tribes then had the right to run sportsbooks at their respective locations in CT, which is why there are two retail sportsbooks today!

These two retail sportsbooks started accepting bets in September 2021, but that’s not where the story ends, as you know. Connecticut sports betting also transitioned into the online world in October 2021, as per the regulations outlined in the new laws. Online brands did have to partner up with in-state tribes, and there was another way to launch by partnering with the CT Lottery.

Both FanDuel and DraftKings pursued the first avenue, and PlaySugarHouse got the glory for the second avenue. Since October 2021, these online betting platforms have been accepting bets on a wide range of sports, and there is even speculation that more brands will enter the market as we move forward. There are certainly some exciting possibilities on that front, and it’s a space that we will be watching with keen interest.

Just remember – you must be a resident of Connecticut and be over the age of 21 if you are to make legal wagers in this state. Meet these criteria and you are good to go!

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