Oregon Sports Betting 2023 : Best Betting Sites/Apps in OR

In August 2019, bettors received good news regarding the legalization of Oregon sports betting. However, they had to wait for one month to access the first sportsbook. Oregonians can now place bets through the Draftkings app from any location within the state. The Oregon betting industry reached the $218,246,357 wagers mark by the end of 2020.

Oregonians can now place their bets on sports such as NFL, eSports, soccer, and many other sports. But while legal sports betting is now allowed in Oregon State, punters have limited options. Currently, Sports betting in the state is controlled by Oregon Lottery, and punters are not allowed to bet on college sports. This review will help you answer the question, is sports betting legal in Oregon?

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Latest Updates on Oregon Sports Betting

  • The law permits citizens who are 21 years or older to be eligible to place bets on sports safe for betting on Oregon’s popular college teams. The latest amendments took place in the early months of 2021 to expand the betting options for Oregonians.
  • On 12th January 2022, DraftKings, together with Oregon Lottery, partnered to steer the operations of Oregon sports betting. The state lottery was in charge of this duty earlier. The partnership marked a revolution in Oregon’s online Sports betting starting 18th January 2022.
  • In 2022, Scoreboard app clients will get a chance to transfer their funds to DraftKings or move them to their accounts.
  • Punters will be able to bet on the same game parlays- an opportunity that has been missing in the Scoreboard app. Moreover,, players will have a chance to tailor the DraftKings app to their taste and preference.
  • Scoreboard customers will be given access to their account information, betting history, and transfer funds for six months after the takeover.
  • These updates were last revised on 7/02/2022.

Is online sports betting legal in Oregon?

Yes, online sports betting is legal in Oregon. However, punters can only place online bets via the DraftKings app. DraftKings is the official Oregon sports betting app that permits online gaming. HB 2127 bill gave powers to the Oregon Racing Commission to oversee sports betting.

The Oregon Lottery Commission is the governing body that declares a form of betting legal in Oregon. DraftKings is the only existing online sports betting app in Oregon.

Where to bet on sports in Oregon

Eligible punters can access the Oregon betting platforms from any location within the state and create accounts. If you want to experience the convenience of Oregon online sports betting, you can log in, deposit funds, and place bets without moving up and down. Physical locations are also available in the Coastal region of the state. There is a Casino Resort at Chinook Winds, the Mill Casino, and the Spirit Mount Casino. Oregonian sports betting apps do not accept college sports betting. Punters who wish to enjoy college sports betting can visit the tribal casino within the state.

DraftKings is the only online sportsbook available in Oregon


January 18 marked the launch of the DraftKings sportsbook in Oregon. The introduction of DraftKings expanded the betting options for Oregonians. Punters will be able to access the betting platform from any location within the state. Oregon online sports betting apps have made betting more enjoyable because players do not have to walk in search of a betting location. Find out more on DraftKings offers and bonuses.

oregon sports betting

DraftKings has a user-friendly design with responsive call-to-action buttons. Players can navigate the markets easily because of the slick design. We can recommend the bookmaker because it offers players a $20 free play reward following the first deposits. Besides, new customers are offered a 20% deposit match up for the first $500. Several bookmakers have shown interest in getting into the Oregon market. It is expected that there will be more competition in the industry for punters to get the best offers and services that satisfy their betting needs.

What about the legal online sports betting apps?

Punters often find it difficult to select the best sports betting apps because they are very many in the industry. We have assembled some of the best sports betting apps that you can identify with if you are an Oregon resident.

AmWager app

AmWager offers punters live horse racing betting opportunities. You can Livestream events and watch replays with this app. It has an affiliate program with the Thoroughbred Racing.

TVG betting app

This horse racing app offers new punters a special offer – “Get Your First Single-Horse Win Wager up to $200 Back If You Lose” on the first single horse-racing bet that goes through. TVG has an affiliation with the Gaming Portal Webmasters Association.

Fanduel Fantasy app

oregon sports betting

New punters have a chance to play special contests without making initial deposits to win actual funds. It is one of the best online sportsbooks that offer same-game parlays to punters in Oregon. It has an affiliate program with The Cage Companies.

DraftKings app

DraftKings is one of the best betting apps that make Oregon sports betting enjoyable. This app has versions for both Android and iOS devices. Customers can win real cash prizes when taking part in fantasy events. DraftKings app has a slick lobby screen where events are displayed for easy selection. It has an affiliate program with Oregon Lottery.

Online Sports Betting Sites that could soon come to Oregon


BetMGM is known for brick-and-mortar as well as online casino gaming platforms. It will offer a fabulous mobile betting option for the citizens when it launches in Oregon. This bookmaker has a comprehensive market.


Caesers Company has made a name for itself in the casino industry. This bookmaker has fantastic betting websites and apps with highly responsive push buttons that facilitate navigation between markets. They have a great new welcome offer as well, new players can get up to $1,250 on Caesars + 1000 Tier Credits + 1000 Reward Credits®.

oregon sports betting


This bookmaker will offer punters a wide range of betting options coupled with one of the best in-play betting options. Unibet has very competitive odds that yield higher payouts to bettors. Besides, it is one of the bookmakers with the best welcome offers for new customers.


Betway offers lots of events to punters. It covers different sporting and gaming events throughout the year. It has a sleek app that is easy to navigate to access many markets in each event.

Other things you should know about online sports betting sites in Oregon

Oregon legalized online betting in 2019 and mandated the Oregon Lottery to control all sports betting in the state. There is a need for bettors to know the bookmakers that are licensed to operate in the state. Nonetheless, punters who want to enjoy the best betting experience ought to consider convenience, time, and platform design while creating an account.

Opening new sports betting account at Oregon

Creating a betting account in Oregon is very easy. The first step is to identify a legitimate operator in your state of residence. Once you identify your operator of choice, you will be required to provide personal information like date of birth, residential address, name, and email address. You will have to verify your identity by providing a scanned copy of a valid passport or driver’s license. Creating an account using a laptop is the same as using a mobile gadget. You can also download the mobile app to tailor the betting process according to your desires.

The legal age for creating a betting account in Oregon is 21 years and above. You must prove your age by providing identification documents while withdrawing money.

What kind of welcome bonus can you get with the sports betting operator?

Oregon Sports betting comes with lots of benefits to punters. Existing bookmakers offer punters fantastic bonuses and risk-free bets for them to get cash rewards even when they don’t commit their funds. Nonetheless, the bookmakers that have shown interest in gaining access to the Oregon market also boast of several promotions.

DraftKings is one of the bookmakers that I highly recommend for professional and amateur punters. DraftKings customers have a chance to enjoy a $1000 deposit bonus when they create a new account. Customers can use their rewards to place bets on any sport featured in the bookmaker’s sportsbook. The following are the benefits attributed to creating an account with bookmakers in Oregon:

Welcome bonus

This offer is available for new customers only. It is only available once. Every punter is only permitted to create one account and meet all the conditions to access this offer.

Risk-free bet

Oregon punters have a chance to enjoy free bets when their bets failed to materialize. When you place a wager using the risk-free bet bonus, you will only get your winnings and not the stake as the total payout.

Brick-and-Mortar Casinos where you can place sports bets

Online sports betting has taken Oregon by storm. However, brick-and-mortar takes punters to another level. It gives one a different feeling. Investors know the feeling that comes with land-based betting. This knowledge is the reason behind the existence of brick-and-mortar sports betting sites in Oregon. We have assembled you the best destinations that you may visit to get a betting experience to remember:

Plateau Travel Plaza

This destination suits long-distance travelers seeking the best place to unwind after a tiresome journey. It is an all-in-one stop shop for Oregonians.

Chinook Winds

Chinook Winds is designed with state-of-the-art ocean view platforms. Gamers take time here to enjoy the best casino games on offer in the state.

Klamath County is the home of 340 Vegas-oriented slots. You visit the destination and get the best casino games.

Wildhorse Resort and Casino

Wildhorse resort offers you an all-weather casino, RV. Park, motel, bowling center, an 18-hole golf course tournament.

Professional sports venues in Oregon

Indian Head Casino

Indian Head Casino is the home for fun, friends, and food that features some of the best gaming events for Oregonians. The Warm Springs community gets the privilege of showcasing their culture as people place their wagers.

Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort

Southern Oregon residents flock to the seven Feathers every day to enjoy a 24hour stay and play with rewards for the event winners at the casino. Gamblers get the experience of the award-winning events and the hospitable culture of exit 99.

Spirit Mountain Casino

The Grand Ronde offers Northwest Oregonian residents luxurious resort features that are second to none. This is where professional gamblers spend their leisure time when they visit the Northwest regions of Oregon State.

Betting on the most popular Oregon sports

Oregonian punters have several events that they can consider while placing their bets. They can place bets on the following events:

oregon sports betting


You have the chance to place bets on the team to win the match, number of corners, and number of bookings. You can also place bets on the upcoming Super Bowl.


Here, punters, have the chance to bet on half-time results, total scores, and full-time results in Sports betting in Oregon.


You can place bets on handicaps and the event winner, round of play, or handicap option. In most cases, there is no draw option in boxing bets.


Golf is a popular sport in the US. And in Oregon, punters can bet on an outright winner in golf events and Moneyline in golf Sports betting in Oregon.


You can bet on the number of goals, outright winner, and puck line. Other options include draw-no-bet, Euro handicap, Asian handicap, winning margins, and highest scoring periods.


You can go the distance, choose the over/under market, rounds of play, or specific round picks in your betting.

History of Oregon Sports Betting

Oregon sports betting background

Sports betting is not something new in Oregon as opposed to most states. Certain forms of betting have been legal in Oregon for several years before the enactment of the recent betting and gambling laws. Lawmakers recommended a state-run lottery through a referendum in 1984. 1984 saw the first lottery tickets going up in public. It was until 1989 that the lottery added a game called Sports Action.

Sports Action permitted punters to access limited NFL matches. This action was soon followed by the introduction of NBA games. It is worth noting that bookmakers refused to include Portland Trail Blazers games during these early days. The reason behind the formation of the Sports Action was to accumulate funds to finance the college athletic operations in the state.

Punters obtained a list of events from Sports Action. The list also had the point spreads. The bookmaker presented NFL games for a week while featuring NBA events for a night. Bettors had the chance to pick a minimum of three events and a maximum of fourteen games in a single ticket. There was no room for single betting at the time. In case all the events came out as predicted, a player would win the bet. Including more games in a single bet slip, yielded higher payouts but increased the risk of losing a bet. Nonetheless, the bookmaker used a par-mutual system where all parties that won the bet would share the prize pool.

Oregon continued offering sports betting opportunities after the inception of the PASPA law. Sports Action sparked a lot of disquiet in the state leading to the expulsion of Oregon from the chance to host the March Maness games. The uproar lead to the abolishment of Sports Action by the Oregon lawmakers in 2005.

The new dawn

The US Supreme Court overruled the PASPA regulations in 2018 and paved the way for Oregon to get back to sports betting. Oregon Lottery was at the helm of betting regulation once more. The sports betting apps and website were designed and launched in 2019 to handle traditional menu events safe for college sports. Later on, several local firms started offering sports betting services limited to people physically present in the venues.

Betting in Modern Oregon

The Oregon Lottery Commission made a landmark ruling in August 2021 to switch from the traditional Oregon sports betting culture to a modern platform. The transition was, to begin with designing a new app. The app was to have modern features to make betting more comfortable and convenient to customers. This was the birth of DraftKings.

The onset of 2021 saw the introduction of a novel sports betting legislation that would open up boundaries for Oregon to explore more competitive models that integrates multiple sportsbooks. The Oregon Racing Commission became the new sports betting governing organ for the state. The new bill permitted bookmakers to apply for licenses and to rely on league data to set odds for live events. The crucial gain was the permission to include college games in the sportsbooks. However, this bill did not see the light of day after it was read in the House due to the lack of certain crucial components.

On 18th January 2022, DraftKings took over the betting industry in Oregon. The bookmaker replaced the Scoreboard by launching its app to be used by local punters. Draftkings become the only licensed online sports betting service provider in Oregon at the time