NHL Daily Picks: Free NHL Picks and Predictions for Today

Bet365 OntarioAre you a fan of the NHL? If so, then you will love our idea of putting together the best NHL predictions for tonight in one place. If you are new to ice hockey then, you should know that NHL stands for National Hockey League, and it’s an ice hockey league in USA and Canada. It consists of twenty-five teams from America, and seven teams from Canada, and it’s the highest level of professional hockey in North America. 

You can learn everything you need to know about the upcoming hockey predictions and the games themselves. Also, you can find the best NHL odds and the bookmakers that offer them. This is the best place to check out the top NHL predictions today without actually doing all the work of preparing them and checking the statistics. Now that the playoffs are so close, we can’t wait to bring you the best Stanley Cup playoffs predictions around. Stay tuned for more info about the free NHL picks we have for you. 

Our NHL Score Predictions for Today – 06/25/2022

Colorado Avalanche to Win @ -115

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Under 6 Goals @ +100

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Free NHL Picks for Today’s Games: 

All of our NHL predictions today are created by our experts. They went over all the statistics and data regarding the specific game we cover in the NHL predictions for tonight so that you don’t have to. All the NHL predictions we offer you are free, and you won’t have to give anything to read more about our detailed NHL expert picks today. 

If you don’t have the time to follow each team’s stats, players, and games during the season or playoffs, we are here to cover you and offer the top free NHL picks around. You will find that some platforms offer NHL computer picks, but here we don’t do that. Each Ice Hockey betting prediction we offer is created by a real person behind the computer. Some people do trust the NHL computer picks, but that isn’t for everyone.  

Colorado to Win @ -115

Tampa Bay surprised us all during game five by winning it in the last few minutes of the third period thanks to a goal from Ondrej Palat. This time around, the odds aren’t that different and the Moneyline seems to be the safer option because the Avalanche couldn’t win with a bigger goal difference than 1.5 goals the last time they faced each other. The match will be played in front of the Lightning’s fan base in Tampa, but the Avalanche have already beaten them there once, and they can do it again.

Under 6 Goals @ +100

The series started with a whirlwind of goals between Tampa Bay and Colorado with the first three games ending with over 6 goals scored. In games four and five though, the scoring wasn’t as easy and both of those games ended with five goals. We think that the sixth game in the best of seven series will most likely end with fewer than six goals scored, like most of the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Eastern Conference finals did.

NHL Odds & Picks for Tonight Explained 

Here, you can read more about the top two NHL betting picks we picked for today. The NHL picks tonight listed here are not only the most likely to happen but also, we picked the NHL picks with the top odds around.  We also shopped for the best odds not only from one bookmaker, but we checked out multiple platforms to find the best betting lines. Depending on the day and the matches available, we can provide the top NHL expert picks today no matter if they are, like the ones listed below or player props, for example: 

  • NHL picks against the spread 
  • NHL total picks 
  • NHL Moneyline picks 

If you aren’t sure how to read the odds for the NHL picks today, then you can see our explanation about it here. Usually, in all sportsbooks in North America, the default odds format is American. They look like this: 

+200 / -200 

The odds with the plus sign represent the underdogs, while the odds with the minus sign represent the favorites. The easiest explanation we can give you is with an example – if you place $100 on the underdog, you stand to win $200. If you place a bet on the favorites, you need to bet $200 to win $100. These are just examples, and you can place bets at whatever stakes or odds you want to, or are available on the bookmaker platform. Some bookmakers also have the option to select other odds formats, like fractional (2/1) or decimal (1.50), so you may get to pick those if you are more comfortable with them. 

NHL Moneyline Picks 

The easiest Ice Hockey betting picks and markets to understand are Moneyline picks. Any Moneyline hockey picks we offer means that we are betting on who will win the game. The odds, favorites, underdogs, or players don’t matter for these NHL picks. The only thing you should consider is who will win the game. If you can guess this, then go ahead and place a Moneyline wager. Usually, the odds on Moneyline bets aren’t as good as puck line, totals, or prop bets, but that depends on the bookmaker you decide to bet with most.  

NHL Predictions and Picks Today for Against the Puck Line 

Some of the most popular NHL picks and parlays include a point spread wager. They are also called puck line NHL predictions or NHL spread bets, and they are equivalent to run line wagers in baseball or wagers against the spread in football. As usual, the odds for point spread wagers are better than any Moneyline NHL picks tonight, so if you understand what the wager means, you can easily place these NHL picks today. 

Usually, point spreads level the odds between the two teams, so even if one of the teams has unimpressive odds and they are the favorites, point spreads create an obstacle they have to cover in order to win the wager. This increases the odds for the puck line NHL predictions. For example, we will use the most common puck line of 1.5 goals since most NHL games are close in points and don’t have that many goals. The favorites are set at –1.5, while the underdogs are set at +1.5. If you bet on the favorite (-1.5), they will have to win by at least two goals, to win your wager. If you bet on the underdogs (+1.5), you will win if they win the game outright or lose by less than two points. 

You will find that sportsbooks offer different puck line bets, especially for teams that are greatly outmatched. Even NHL picks and parlays that include the 5.5 goal puck line wager are quite popular because the odds there are better than others. 

NHL Total Picks Today 

Any NHL picks and parlays that include total bets, which are also called over/under wagers. You can find them on most bookmaker platforms, but the name of the market might be different for each sportsbook. They aren’t hard to understand at all – you are betting if the total points scored in the game by both teams will be over or under a certain number picked by the bookmaker. Some bookmakers take it a step further and offer total hockey picks for specific teams. This means that you might find total NHL betting picks for the number of points only one team will score during the game, not both. A way for the sportsbooks to prevent pushes is to offer NHL betting picks for total markets at a line in a decimal format.  

What is the Difference Between NHL Picks Against the Spread, Moneyline, and Puck Line & How to Place Them? 

For each game, there might be different NHL predictions. We already explained the basics of all of these bet types, so we aren’t going to repeat ourselves. 

Placing any bet requires you to have an account on the bookmaker platform you want to bet on. That means that prior to wagering, you need to register an account, deposit funds into your account, and in some cases validate your identity prior to placing your first wager. Confirming your identity, address, date of birth, and profile information are crucial because, without it, you won’t be able to withdraw from your account. The registration and validation processes are similar for each bookmaker, but keep in mind that before choosing which bookmaker you want to bet with, you will have to see which are legal and available in your state.  

After you complete the necessary steps we described above, you need to place the actual wager, which is straightforward. Find the game you want to bet on and choose which market you like. You will see the odds for each NHL pick from that market on your screen next. You will have to click on the odds to transfer the NHL prediction to your bet slip. After that head over to your bet slip and choose how much you want to stake on the wager. You can add more NHL picks for other games or even sports to create a parlay if you want, too. After you are done simply click on the “Place Bet” button below the bet slip.  

We might not stick to giving free hockey picks for Moneylines, Point Spreads, or Totals. There are other markets that are also quite popular, like player props, which you might see here. For example, player props are bets that can be related to a specific outcome in the game but not to the outcome of said game. Will Player A from Tampa Bay Lightning score a goal against New York Rangers? That could be just one of the player props available for the game. The number of NHL betting markets available depends on the sportsbook. 

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