LoL Arena 13.15 Micropatch Nerfs Problematic Item, Brings Back Alistar

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LoL Arena 13.15 Micropatch Nerfs Problematic Item, Brings Back Alistar

The LoL Arena 13.15 Micropatch repaired Alistar's ultimate while also fixing a problematic item-augment combo

Since League of Legends' newest game mode dropped, numerous fixes have been done to ensure a more balanced 2v2 experience in-game. But with more than a hundred new power-ups and Legendary items, builds are bound to get broken one way or another. As a consequence, item sets and even numerous champs sometimes get pulled out of the live roster to get triaged. That's why the dev team released another mid-season patch that not only brought back a popular pick, but also curved the damage potential of one of the strongest items out there.

Besides the main changes done in this micropatch, Viego's cameo in the Arena was also disabled due to his abilities not executing properly. Furthermore, bugs surrounding Bel'Veth's Q indicators and Bard's “Caretaker Shrine” healing outputs were fixed. If you want to know how Arena completely switched up LoL's playscape, check out the complete patch notes here.

Alistar Returned After LoL Arena 13.15 Micropatch

Days ago, Alistar was temporarily disabled from play after players experienced a major bug.

Apparently, his kit was encountering bugs after the latest patch. That said, whenever players would play as The Minotaur in a 2v2v2v2 lobby, his ultimate ability “Unbreakable Will” would not apply the expected buffs on Alistar. At the same time, his charge impact was being inconsistent across the board, so the developers pulled the minotaur out of Arena to tweak his kit. Alistar is now playable in the brawl gamemode after LoL Arena Micropatch 13.15.

LoL Arena 13.15 Micropatch Reduced Guinsoo’s Rageblade’s Effectiveness With Thief’s Gloves

What might be the most relieving change in the mid-season update is the recalibration of Guinsoo's when paired with a certain Augment. To get more context on the situation, let's look at the item in question.

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LOL Arena 13.15 Micropatch

Guinsoo's does 4 things really well. First, it ups your Attack Speed while bumping your crit chance by 20%. Moreover, every third attack you do applies these effects twice, which can give you absurd amounts of sustain if built right. But what makes Guinsoo's special is its Wrath passive, which converts every 20% crit to on-hit damage. So not only are you getting more damage, but you get to apply twice that every 3 attacks you do.

Now the problem gets way worse when you give the buffed Arena version of the item to a Yasuo or a Yone, whose passive abilities already stack more crit chance on top of that. However, things got absurd when Thief's Gloves was involved.

This augment removes all of your current items and replaces each of them after every combat encounter. What's more is that ALL of your new items' bonus stats and item damage get increased by another 20%. This meant that getting Guinsoo's through Thief's Gloves gave you quadruple of the Mythic item's normal stats.

This resulted in high-scaling champs dealing ridiculous amounts of damage, which the developers were quick to fix, thankfully.

Potential LoL Arena 13.15 Micropatches

Presently, the game mode is well on its way to being fair and balanced, all things considering. With frequent champ tweaks and item changes constantly being put in place, it's clear that the dev team cares enough for Arena to be the best game mode it can be. And while certain champ combos still get better winrates, a future mid-season rebalance isn't completely out of the question. With any luck, we'll be able to see weaker champs in the meta take the spotlight soon to shake things up in the Arena.

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