Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 13.15

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Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 13.15

Best Toplaners in LoL have changed a bit thanks to the new Patch – pick these champions up if you want to win!

Patch 13.15 released last Wednesday, so in the last few days, players had some time to acclimate to the changes. Some of the best picks from last time, such as Aatrox got some pretty big hits, so the Darkin Blade is officially out of the competition – at least for now. Others, like Rek’Sai (who you should still play!!!) went up, with the Queen of the Xer’sai sitting at a whopping 57% win rate – but her play rate is still only .14, so there’s not a big chance of players encountering her in the toplane. But which are the picks that work the best in the toplane right now, while also having a bit more presence than Rek’Sai, for example?

Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 13.15


Yasuo’s brother, The Unforgotten received some minor buffs to his W in Patch 13.15, which now gives him more shield than before. While this buff only changed his win rate ever so slightly, his pick rate went up, as well as his performance in the toplane. Yone is currently the 6th best toplaner according to stats site Lolalytics with a 52.29% win rate, a 6% pick and a 7.6% ban rate, which is certainly not bad. He also counters champions like Mordekaiser ho are usually a problem for toplaners, as Morde chan just stat-check anyone who gets in contact with him – but Yone can stat-check him back, as well as having potential to outplay him.

Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 13.15 Yone

If you want to play Yone top, follow these easy steps to get the best results with The Unforgotten:

  • For Runes, pick up Lethal Tempo, as the Keystone synergizes with your Passive, you can stack it up with your Q, and you’ll get more out of it the later the game goes, as you’ll primarily build Attack Speed items. Pair Lethal Tempo up with Triump, Legend: Alacrity and Last Stand from Precision, as well as Conditioning and Overgrowth for the best scaling you can get from Runes. For fragments, get an Attack Speed and an Adaptive Force one, and pick Armour or Magic Resist depending on the champion you face.
  • For Summoner Spells, Flash is great to reposition for your Q3 and Ult alongside it’s standard uses, but Teleport can be replaced by Ignite on Yone if you can keep rotating without TP. Ignite gives Yone kill potential and pressure in lane, which can accelerate your lategame – where you shine the brightest.
  • For abilities, start with your Q to make your farming and trading smoother, then get your buffed W to survive against tougher opponents. Your E should only be taken after you have your other abilities, but if you can’t trade well and want to focus on farming, you can put a second point in Q before getting E. Afterwards, max Q, then E, then W, picking up Fate Sealed whenever you can.
  • Your starter items should be Doran’s Blade and a Health Potion, but Cull is also fine for Yone if you don’t want to interact with your opponent (but you really should, as Yone is surprisingly strong in the laning phase). Get a Berserker’s Greaves as the extra AS provides damage for Yone because of his passive, then get Kraken Slayer to elevate your damage further. Some builds skip the Mythic items altogether, but I believe that Galeforce lets Yone take over games easier thanks to the extra mobility. After your core, got items such as Bloodthirster and Immortal Shieldbow to increase your survivability and damage, finishing your build with items like Death’s Dance and Guardian Angel.
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While Yone can be a hard champion to get used to, on the current Patch, he’s a worthy pickup, who can become a monster in a capable player’s hands!


Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 13.15 Camille

Camille received some more meaningful buffs than Yone, but her win rate didn’t improve that drastically. In Patch 13.15, Riot Games increased her Attack Damage per Level Growth from 3.5 to 3.8, while also increasing her extra On-Hit Magical Damage during her ultimate, The Hextech Ultimatum. With some of the best meta picks falling out of grace, Camille has seen a resurgence, and she brings some flexibility to the table thanks to her multiple builds, so this patch could be the one to pick her up – and if you follow these tips, you can become proficient on Camille fairly easily:

  • You have two choices in terms of Runes: going Grasp of the Undying with Shield Bash, Second Wind and Unflinching, picking up Triump and Legend: Alacrity in your secondaries; or getting Conqueror with Triump, Alacrity and Last Stand, while keeping Second Wind and Unflinching. The first option gives you better trading and a safer lane, while the second option let’s you scale and snowball much harder. This is very matchup dependant, so try the Grasp route first while you’re practicing Camille. While the Piltover Enforcer benefits from Attack Speed, don’t be afraid to take Two Adaptive Force fragments with a Health pip for your Stat Mods.
  • Camille is extremely versatile in her Summoner Spells as well. Thanks to her E, Hookshot, she’s not dependant on Flash, so she can take Ignite + TP to stomp matchups. However, Flash is benefitial so she can close the gap faster, and it can’t be interrupted by enemies like her E can. Currently, Ignite + Flash has the highest win rate, but Camille’s Summoner Spells come down to preference.
  • Camille is a bit weak at the start of the game, so either start with W to farm or E to get away from sticky situations. Pick up your Q level 2, then the ability you didn’t get at level one – this is the point you can start trading. Afterwards, max your Q, then your E, then your W, as it becomes less relevant after your laning phase.
  • Similarly to her Runes, Camille has two builds. You can either start with Doran’s Blade or Doran’s Shield and a Health Potion – start with Shield if you face a ranged or poke heavy opponent. If you picked the Grasp of the Undying runes, get Divine Sunderer, Boots of Ionian Lucidity and Ravenous Hydra for your core items, getting Death’s Dance, Sterak’ Gage and similar tanky items, while picking up Spear of Shojin somewhere along the way. If you went Conqueror, Trinity Force should be your choice of Mythic, then get Hydra and Shojin alongside Ionian Boots for your core, getting Guardian Angel and Death’s Dance for your last items. Just as with the Rune pages, the Divine Sunderer one is a bit more safe, has a better Mythic powerspike and is better against tanks, but the Trinity Force build let’s you scale harder, potentially solo carrying the game.
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Camille also takes some time to master, but she has a bigger payoff than Yone. She can also single out problematic champions thanks to her Ultimate, and her flexibility can provide you with opportunities which are almost unmatched by any other toplaner in League of Legends!


Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 13.15 Poppy

If you want to counter both Yone and Camille easily, while also having enough damage to kill them AND zone out problematic champions in the enemy team, Poppy might just be the pick for you. The Keeper of the Hammer made it on our best toplaners list a few patches back, but now she’s back, and with her 54% win rate is indicative of how good Poppy is. She’s also much more straightforward then the other picks, so you don’t need as many practice games to get the hang of her – just follow these tips, and you can find success with Poppy almost right away:

  • For your Runes, Grasp of the Undying with Demolish, Second Wind and Unflinching works best for trading and general tankiness, but for your Secondaries, take Manaflow Band and Scorch for the extra mana and the poke potential with your Passive. For your fragments, get an Attack Speed, an Armour and a Health pip, as Poppy doesn’t really need the Adaptive Force thanks to her % based damage on her Q.
  • Out of the three champions mentioned here, Poppy has the most straightforward Summoner Spells: Flash for repositioning and surprise E charges and Teleport for a better laning phase and rotations from the midgame.
  • In terms of abilities, always get your Q first then your E second, as these abilities let’s you put up a fight in the toplane. At level three, get your W if you’re facing an opponent with a dash, but if you wouldn’t use your W, just put a second point in your Q before picking your W up – and don’t forget to level up Keeper’s Verdict whenever you can!
  • For your build, start with a Corrupting Potion for extra sustain and damage after you used a charge. Get a defensive boot, so Plated Steelcaps or Mercury Treads, then buy Iceborn Gauntlet and Sunfire Aegis for the trading and waveclear. If you’re facing an AP champion, you can pick up Jak’Sho instead of Iceborn, but always get Sunfire in your first three items as it lets you clear minions faster, therefore rotate faster. After your core, you can get situational tank items such as Frozen Heart, Force of Nature, Gargoyle’s Stoneplate and Thornmail, but if you can, pick up Dead Man’s Plate, as it let’s you close the gap to the enemy backline while also making your burst a bit better.

Poppy has been at the top of toplaners for a few patches now, but as she’s not problematic (at least according to Riot Games), she won’t receive nerfs for a while – which means that she’s a safe pickup for any toplaner looking for a new champion!

Of course, many picks alongside the one mentioned above are strong after Patch 13.15, such as Renekton, Naafiri, Cassiopeia, Quinn and even picks such as Rengar and Kai’Sa. Don’t be afraid to try many champions out in the toplane – but if you want to have the best chances, Camille, Poppy and Yone are some of the safest bets!