League of Legends Patch 13.15: The Biggest Winners and Losers

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League of Legends Patch 13.15: The Biggest Winners and Losers

LoL Winners and Losers changed quite a bit after the latest update to the game, Patch 13.15.

The newest Patch for Riot Games’ hit MOBA, League of Legends came out a few days ago buffing 7 champions, nerfing 6, and adjusting 4 to bring them more in line with the meta. Patch 13.15 also brought some balance changes to the Glacial Augment Keystone, the Mythic item Night Harvester and Summoner Smite, as well as changing up the balance in League of Legends’ newest game mode, Arena.

While the new 2v2v2v2 is still extremely popular, after the initial hype, players have started to return to the Summoner’s Rift, playing 5v5 games more than during the 13.14 Patch cycle. This is a great time to take a look at how the latest update changed the meta of League’s original game mode, and which champions are worth picking up in Patch 13.15.

League of Legends Patch 13.15: The Biggest Winners and Losers

The Winners


Riot Games received some criticism for the buffs made to Aatrox in Patch 13.14, which let the World Ender get an almost 55% winrate according to stats sites such as Lolalytics. When the community saw that Camille was getting some buffs in 13.15, they feared for the Piltover Enforcer, as Aatrox has been brought down a lot of pegs after the nerfs he got this Patch.

Camille’s buffs didn’t seem that significant, however, as the balance team only increased her Attack Damage Growth per Level to 3.8 from 3.5, as well as giving her 20/30/40 Bonus Magic Damage against the target she used her ultimate, Hextech Ultimatum on instead of the 5/10/15 she had up until the end of 13.14.

League of Legends Patch 13.15 Camille

Stats growth changes are always dangerous territory, as they either don’t do anything or completely break a champion. While the buffs certainly helped Camille, the former became reality, as the Piltover Enforcer’ win rate only went up by half a percent, as she has a comfortable 53.5% win rate according to stats sites. However, Camille’s pick and ban rate also went up to 6% and 3% respectively, so expect to see more of her in the coming weeks.


Ever since her breakup with Lucian, Nami hasn’t been the same. The Tidecaller has a barely above 50% win rate while also leaving competitive League of Legends behind, while Lucian managed to stay in the professional meta as a great pick with Braum (and sometimes as a midlaner, but only if we don’t talk about Rasmus “Caps” Winther’s performance in the first round of the LEC Playoffs against Excel Esports).

League of Legends Patch 13.15 Nami

Nami has been in dire need of some help, and Riot Games luckily delivered. In Patch 13.15, they increased the flat Movement Speed she gives from her passive from 90 to 100, as well as the AP scaling of the boost from 20% to 25%. Nami’s Q also got some buffs, as it deals 15 extra damage at every level, going from 75-295 +50% AP to 90-310 +50% AP depending on the ability’s level.

Nami had the biggest jump in win rate thanks to these buffs, going from the 50% mentioned above to 52.5%. Her play rate also got a boost, as she’s now picked in almost 6% in every games, but she’s barely getting banned, so now might be a great time to pick her alongside ADC’s such as Xayah – or even her old friend Lucian.

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Yasuo and Yone

The wind brothers are lumped together as winners of the latest patch as they received some very similar buffs which affected them in almost the same way.

Riot Games buffed the Passive of Yasuo, making Way of the Wanderer’s shield strength scale with base stat scaling instead of being based on level. While the Shield amount of 125-600 didn’t change, thanks to this buff, Yasuo gets bigger shields in the midgame than before. For Yone, the balance team just flat out buffed his W, Spirit Cleave, which gives a 60-80 +65% bonus AD shield on cast instead of a 45-65 +65% bonus AD one.

League of Legends Patch 13.15 Yasuo

Riot deemed this changed necessary as both Yasuo and Yone lost their favourite Mythic item, Immortal Shieldbow a while back, and even though both of them still love the item, they can’t rush it, which hits their survivability. Luckily, the balance team didn’t break either of them, as Yasuo’s win rate only went up .3%, while Yone’s increased by .03% – so they didn’t win as hard as say, Nami, but buffs are always welcome!

The Losers


Aatrox has an Eternal named QQ’s, which counts the times you hit enemies with multiple instances of your Q – but now, the name of the Eternal is enough to describe what Aatrox and fans of him are feeling. After buffing him immensely in 13.14, Riot Games decided that one Patch was enough for the Darkin Blade to shine, and nerfed his Q, which now deals 10-70 +60-90% AD instead of 10-70 +60-100% AD, with the second and third casts still dealing 25% and 50% more damage than the first instance.

League of Legends Patch 13.15 Aatrox

The scaling is still higher than before Patch 13.14, where Aatrox’s Q dealt 10-90 +60-80% AD – but overall, the ability seems to be weaker thanks to the adjustment to the base damage in the last Patch. Aatrox had an almost 55% win rate after his buffs, which was not exactly healthy either, but the nerfs brought him down to 50.7% again, which is a 4% decrease – seems like Riot Games doesn’t really know what they want to do with their original Darkin.


The Green Father has been the topic of a number of debates since his buffs in Patch 13.12, as mains of Ivern weren’t happy with the changes as it removed skill expression from the champion in their opinions, while more casual players were unhappy as the friendly tree was a bit OP. Ivern has been picked in proplay a number of times as well, doing extremely good in leagues such as the LEC and the LPL.

After a number of nerfs, Riot Games still had to address the issue Ivern presents, this time being a bit harsher than before. In Patch 13.15, they decreased his Magic Resist from 32 +2.05 per level to 30 +1.3 per level to keep him in line with other ranged champions. His E, Triggerseed has higher base damage now, as it was increased from 80-220 to 85-245 – but the scaling has been nerfed from 75% AP to 50% AP to steer him away from the Mejai + Night Harvester builds. Daisy got a hit as well, as she only stays for 45 seconds after being summoned instead of 60, her Armour and Magic Resistance has been adjusted so she’s stronger in the early game but weaker later, her health has been decreased in the early game but increased to 4400 from 3900 maximum, and her Attack Damage scales less from Ivern’s AP. However, Riot has also buffed some aspects of Ivern, as his Brushmaker bushes give more On-Hit damage to allies after they enter the tall grass.

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League of Legends Patch 13.15 Ivern

Riot Games is not trying to remove Ivern from the meta, but they are definitely trying to erase his AP build and bring back the support jungler he was meant to be. These nerfs hit the Green Father’s win rate, decreasing it by almost 3% – but he still sits at 53.4%, so we can expect further nerfs to Ivern in future patches.


The Daughter of the Void has been a staple in both the casual and professional meta this Summer. Her AP build runs rampant with either the poke Luden’s Tempest or the on-hit Guinsoo’s Rageblade version, and while her AD builds are not as strong, they are still very viable.

League of Legends Patch 13.15 Kai'sa

Of course, Riot Games had to do something about Kai’Sa, and they hit her pretty hard in Patch 13.15: the balance team decreased her Base Health by 30, decreased the AP scaling of her Q, Icathian Rain from 30% to 20%, as well as the scaling on it’s unevolved and evolved max Single-Target Damage by 22.5% and 27.5% respectively, and her W, Void Seeker now refunds less cooldown when it hits a target after evolving it.

Thanks to these changes, Kai’Sa’s win rate went down to 51.7% from 54%, while her pick and ban rates also decreased. An almost 52% win rate is much healthier than the one Kai’Sa had before, but she might still be a bit too strong – we shall see that the balance team has to hit her with the nerf hammer again, or if she wont be such a nightmare to face in both SoloQ and proplay.

Patch 13.15 focused on nerfs more than buffs, but all the changes were necessary to get the meta in line with the coming end of the competitive season. Thankfully, Riot Games also addressed some issues for casual play, such as Shyvana, so the latest patch of League of Legends was definitely a success – hopefully Riot keeps up it’s good streak with the balance changes!