Dota 2 Nature’s Prophet Guide

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Dota 2 Nature’s Prophet Guide

Wield nature’s unforgiving fury and bring destruction to all those that mean harm to Mother Nature with our detailed Dota 2 Nature’s Prophet Guide

No matter where he may be, Nature’s Prophet is the true protector of Mother Nature, standing vigilant of any who dare disturb its peace. With the ability to manifest and redirect Nature’s fury through long distances and summon tree spirits to aid in combat, he is an ally to cherish and a foe to fear.

Nature’s Prophet is a ranged Intelligence Hero with an average Health pool of 582 and a decent Mana pool of 339. His attack damage of 54 and base armor of 3.3 are both excellent, but he has below average movement speed of only 295.

Nature’s Prophet (NP) is both easy and challenging to play, depending on how well you know how to micromanage his Treants. If all else fails, he can also be managed with minimal micro and instead focuses on a right-click build. His abilities grant him an incredibly intimidating map presence, able to pop in when you least expect him, trapping foes and killing them easily. Thanks to his ability to push and jungle with his summons, he can farm at incredible speeds and shift the game in his favor.


Let’s come to harness the power of nature and come to its defense with Nature’s Prophet and his plethora of powerful abilities.

  • Sprout – Nature’s Prophet summons a ring of trees around a target unit, trapping it, dealing up to 32 damage every half second in a 275 radius (both inside and outside the ring) and providing an unobstructed vision of 250 radius. 8 trees are summoned in a 150 radius for up to 6 seconds. Upgrading talents will give Sprout an aura of radius 200, which either leashes targets up to 6 seconds or blinds them for a 100% miss chance. Trees spawned by Sprout and consumed with a Tango do not heal.
  • Teleportation – NP can teleport to any part of the map after 3 seconds and attack enemies while being empowered by a damage and armor buff, which lasts for 15 seconds. The buff gives him up to 12 stacks (16 with level 15 talent) of 6 bonus damage and 1 bonus armor per stack. Each attack reduces the stack and its bonus.
  • Nature’s Call – Nature’s Prophet calls upon tree spirits to aid in battle, converting an area of trees to summon up to a maximum of 5 Treants (10 with level 15 talent). All trees in a 375 radius (500 with level 15 level talent) are destroyed and converted to Treants (1 tree = 1 Treant). The Treants have 550 HP (1375 with level 25 talent), deal up to 39 damage (102 with level 25 talent) and last for 50 seconds.
  • Wrath of Nature – NP wields nature’s fury, casting an energy beam that bounces up to 18 times around the map. It deals a base damage of up to 185 (215 with level 10 talent), and each following bounce does multiplier damage of 1.1. This ability can be upgraded by both Aghanim’s Shard and Aghanim’s Scepter.
    • Curse of the Oldgrowth (Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade) – All enemies in a 1200 range are cursed, displaying them in fog for 7 seconds. Trees and Treants within a 250 radius of the enemy are counted, and 20 damage and 7% movement speed per second are applied per count.
    • Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade – All enemies hit by Wrath of Nature are entangled for a minimum of 2, increasing with each bounce to a maximum of 3.8 seconds. The cooldown is also lowered to 60 seconds.
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  • Level 10 – +30 Wrath of Nature Base Damage or -8s Nature’s Call Cooldown
  • Level 15 – +4 Teleportation Max Stacks or +5 Treants Summoned
  • Level 20 – 100% Miss Chance For Sprouted Units or Sprout Leashes
  • Level 25 – 2.5x Treant HP/Damage or Removed Teleportation Cooldown

Dota 2 Nature’s Prophet Guide – Tips

Nature’s Prophet is a deadly force of nature who is highly versatile and can be a pusher, a ganker or even a right-click carry. His powerful global presence allows him to cast Wrath of Nature to send devastating energy bolts across the map, tearing apart enemy creeps and Heroes alike. He can then use Teleportation to travel to any fleeing enemies, trap them with Sprout and dispose of them easily. Furthermore, he can also use Teleportation as a split-pushing tool, traveling to opposite ends of the map and using Nature’s Call to summon Treants to push empty lanes.

NP’s skills allow him to be played in various roles, but he usually plays in the offlane. Nature’s Call Treants help you last-hit or harass the opposing safe-lane safely. Furthermore, if the lane is difficult, head to the jungle to farm with his Treants. Focus on farming as with some farm and Teleportation ganks to pick off kills, you will start popping off during the midgame.

Farming is vital to unlocking Nature’s Prophet’s versatile builds, and depending on which role you play, you can start making an impact from the early-mid game. If you are looking for a pusher build, focusing on some aura-items and survival items would be the way to go. Getting some damage and disabling items will be the best choice if you are looking for a ganker/damage dealer build. Regardless of which route you take, if you use Teleportation wisely and keep in mind your squishy nature, you will make a palpable impact every game. As you head into late-game, your incredible farming capabilities will help you easily transition into a core.

Dota 2 Nature’s Prophet – Pros and Cons

Here are some of NP’s best and worst traits that you need to remember when looking to defend nature from its foes.


  • Powerful global presence
  • Powerful pusher
  • Dangerous late-game impact
  • Versatile and able to fit any role
  • Has great attribute gain
  • Easy to spam low cooldown abilities


  • Depends on farm
  • Very squishy early game
  • Heavily dependent on map awareness
  • Has no proper disable
  • His non-specialized nature doesn’t make him the best in any role.

How to play Nature’s Prophet

Learn to embody the essence of this Nature’s protector by learning the basics of this Hero with our short guide.

Starting Items

Start your lane with Tango and Healing Salve for some early restoration, and take clarity to be able to Nature’s Call more often.

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Getting a few Iron Branches will give you some cheap attributes to help your HP, Mana pool and damage. If you are against spell-spamming opponents, picking up a Magic Stick will also help.

Early Game

Early game should be focused on last-hitting and denying with your and your Treant’s attacks while ensuring you stay alive. If your lane is difficult, move into the jungle when your lane is pushed out. Pick up your Boots of Speed as soon as possible; it will help you move between lane and jungle even faster.

Besides farming, you will find multiple opportunities to aid in ganks across the map, so keep tabs on all the other lanes at all times. Use Teleportation to join ganks and pick off kills whenever possible. Keep Town Portal Scrolls on you at all times, or you might have a long walk back to your lane.

Mid Game

This phase of the game should be focused on more farming, ganking and pushing as well. When you see the enemy team clumped up in one lane, teleport to another and push with your Treants. By now, you should have Phase Boots or Power Treads, along with a Shadow Blade for survival or an Orchid Malevolence for better aggression.

If you had a good start, you could further boost your late-game capabilities by picking up an early Hand of Midas. You might also settle for an aura-based item like Drum of Endurance which will help you in ganks and pushes with boosted movement and attack speed.

Late Game

Depending on your playstyle, you are probably tearing down towers with unstoppable pushes or annihilating enemies with heavy damage. Getting an Assault Cuirass suits both roles and Silver Edge can give you the break debuff. Getting an Aghanim’s Scepter can help you spam it more and entangle enemies.

If you are going for a damage build, getting a Bloodthorn, Nullifier, Witch Blade or Desolator are perfect choices, giving you better burst damage potential. Another item good for both pushing and damaging is Mjollnir, which grants your attack speed, damage and wave clear potential.

Dota 2 Nature’s Prophet Counters

Here are some counters who cause a lot of trouble and pain for NP throughout the duration of any game.

  • Earthshaker – His Fissure, along with Aftershock, is good at halting pushes. Due to the high amount of summons, Echo Slam can devastate Nature’s Prophet and allies.
  • Ember Spirit– His Sleight of Fist with Battle Fury can deal insane damage to NP and his Treants. Furthermore, with Fire Remnants and Boots of Travel, he can also contest Nature Prophet’s global mobility.
  • Spirit Breaker– He can chase Nature’s Prophet no matter where he goes, thanks to his Charge of Darkness. With his Greater Bash and Nether Strike, he can stop NP from teleporting away to safety.
  • Storm Spirit – He can clear creepwaves and trees with Ball Lightning, chase NP down to wherever he hides, and then prevent his escape with an Electric Vortex.


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