Overwatch 2 Support Tier List

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Overwatch 2 Support Tier List

A complete Overwatch 2 support tier list featuring the best and worst heroes to win your competitive games and including the new support hero Illari.

The release of Overwatch 2 Season 6 brought various changes to support heroes, shifting the entire meta of the game. To help you decide which character you should pick to climb up the competitive ranks, here is a complete Overwatch 2 support tier list ranking the heroes from best to worst.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List S-Tier Heroes

The S-tier heroes from this Overwatch 2 support tier list are the best ones to play if you want to increase your odds of winning.


Lucio was already on the top of our Overwatch 2 Season 5 support tier list and keeps his position in this new season. The latest update reduced the cooldown of his Soundwave from 5 to 4 seconds, allowing him to boop his enemies even more frequently than before. But the biggest improvement to Lucio’s abilities is linked to his Speed Boost, which now also increases attack speed by 20%.


Ana has a powerful kit that makes her a real threat to any kind of enemy team composition, especially thanks to her Biotic Grenade and her Sleep Dart. The recent patch notes made Genji climb up the ranks of our Overwatch 2 DPS tier list, and his Dragonblade is even better when combined with Ana’s Nano Boost, making her a useful support hero to play this season.


Baptiste has always been a reliable support hero and the release of Season 6 doesn’t change that. The recent boost provided to Cassidy and Genji, making them two of the best DPS heroes to play in Overwatch 2, gives Baptiste an even bigger importance than before as his Amplification Matrix can help Cassidy charge his ultimate ability faster and a well-timed Immortality Field will stop Genji from securing a kill with his Nanoblade.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List A-Tier Heroes

Heroes from this part of our Overwatch 2 Season 6 support tier list are good in most situations, although not as overpowered as those from the S-tier.


Brigitte received various changes with the release of the Overwatch 2 Season 6 patch notes. The damage from her Shield Bash goes from 50 to 60 and her Rally lasts 15 seconds instead of 10, boosting her ability in battle. However, the total healing from her passive ability Inspire was reduced from 75 to 55, decreasing her efficiency when it comes to keeping her allies alive. Since Genji and Tracer are both at the top of our Overwatch 2 DPS tier list, Brigitte is a good support pick to counter both of them while providing her team with extra damage and health.

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Kiriko’s high mobility and versatile kit lets her fit with most team compositions, especially with fast-paced heroes that tend to run all across the map. Since those heroes are among the best right now, Kiriko is a decent choice if you are looking for a good support hero to play in Overwatch 2 Season 6.


Illari is the latest support hero to join Overwatch 2, announced with the release of Season 6. While her exact efficiency in competitive games remains a mystery, her kit seems promising. Illari’s main weapon is a long-range rifle, and she can heal allies from afar thanks to her Solmar Rifle. She also benefits from great mobility thanks to Outburst and can hinder her opponents, knocking them back or slowing them with her ultimate ability, Captive Sun.

Illari Overewatch 2 credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List B-Tier Heroes

These heroes are decent, but may not shine in all team or map compositions. Be careful if you pick them to make sure they work with your current situation.


With the recent buff provided to Pharah, Mercy climbs a few ranks in our Overwatch 2 support tier list. Of course, Mercy doesn’t only rely on Pharah to be a decent support hero, being able to boost the damage of any ally and rez them when it matters the most. Boosting Cassidy, one of the best DPS heroes to play in Overwatch 2 Season 6, might also be a good idea to give your team the edge over your opponents.

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Lifeweaver received various improvements with the release of the previous season, making him a viable support hero in Overwatch 2 Season 5. His healing power has been increased and his hitbox reduced to let him live longer than he used to, but he still lacks the added value of other heroes from this Overwatch 2 support tier list. While Blizzard promised to further improve Lifeweaver’s overall kit, this support hero is still waiting for new patch notes to bring him back to the top of our tier lists.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List Meh-Tier Heroes

The characters from the Meh-tier section of our Overwatch 2 Season 6 support heroes tier list are not the best ones to play if you want to win. While that doesn’t mean you should avoid them at all costs, there are better-balanced support heroes this season.


Zenyatta is a hero who can shine when played properly or feed terribly if he is in the wrong hands. His Orb of Discord can help kill an enemy faster, his Orb of Harmony grants health back to his teammates, and he can easily finish off targets with his Orb of Destruction. However, playing Zenyatta requires more aim than other heroes from this Overwatch 2 support tier list. His lack of mobility makes him an easy target for Genji and Tracer, who both are among the best DPS heroes this season. Therefore, Zenyatta might not be the best support hero to pick unless you know how to deal with those enemies by yourself.


While Moira has been dominating the early days of Overwatch 2, she has been flirting with the lower part of our Overwatch 2 support tier lists for quite some time now. She isn’t as effective as she used to be, and the rise of hitscan heroes like Cassidy prevents her from performing at her maximum capacity. However, if the enemy team has no hitscan but relies on heroes like Genji, Moira can be a good choice to stop him from wreaking havoc.