5 Games to Play If You Miss Bloodborne

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5 Games to Play If You Miss Bloodborne

Bloodborne is a video game milestone. Since its release, back in 2015, it has managed to enchant a large portion of gamers who have not held back in defining FromSoftware's work a true masterpiece. Despite this enormous success, the development team has never ruled on the possibility of being able to see a sequel sooner or later, even if there have been countless rumors about it over the years.

In any case, the video game market is always full of interesting games that are worth trying, even with regard to games that can somehow recall the beautiful atmospheres that characterize the world of Bloodborne. Any hunter who has come across this adventure cannot fail to recognize how the gothic settings and Lovecraftian-inspired enemies are among the strong points of the FromSoftware game, obviously without considering the gameplay and the plot.

To try to make this lack less difficult to bear, we have decided to create this article in which we offer you some games that recall Bloodborne for settings and atmosphere. We would like to clarify, however, that we are not taking into consideration the gameplay of the game as the main aspect of reference, so it is for this reason that you will also see in this article games that do not have a combat system very similar to that of Bloodborne; but we decided to focus on everything that surrounds a game and therefore its “look”, rather than its content.

Remnant from the Ashes and Remnant 2

Remnant from the Ashes and Remnant 2 (here our review) are two very good titles that have managed to convince critics and players. Developed by Gunfire Games, they are two titles that have managed to best mix the mechanics of the classic third-person shooters with those of the more “pure” soulslikes. If you are new to this genre, these two titles could be a good starting point, thanks also to the possibility of selecting the level of difficulty that best suits your needs. WARNING: the lowest difficulty level is still quite challenging and needs the right planning and strategy to be completed.

Among the games that we will present in this article, the Remnant series is perhaps the one that differs most from the atmospheres and gameplay of Bloodborne, but we decided to include it because there are still some important points of contact between the two games. As well as in Bloodborne in which Yharnam is infested by monsters and Great Beings, also in the Remnant game world there are alien monsters that threaten the world and our task is to eliminate them. We don't play the role of the conventional hunter like in Bloodborne, but our goal is pretty much the same.

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Furthermore, the game is characterized by a very fast-paced gameplay, similar to what happens in Bloodborne, and is inspired by different works. Some of the enemies present in Remnant from the Ashes and Remnant 2 seem to be inspired by some of the creatures present in the stories of H. P. Lovecraft, the main inspiration of Bloodborne, such as one of the bosses that you will have to face in the first chapter of the series.

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Thymesia (here our review) is a title that has not hidden the obvious resemblance to Bloodborne since its inception. Here too, as in FromSoftware's work, there is a blood-related plague that contaminates the world and the player's task will be to shed light on this plague and restore order, led by a female figure. As in almost all games of this genre, the plot is not told in an explicit and conventional way but must be sought through the reading of notes scattered throughout the game world.

From the gameplay point of view, however, Thymesia seems to wink more towards another FromSoftware production: Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. If the setting and atmosphere, as well as the plot, are deliberately inspired by Bloodborne, the gameplay is much closer to Sekiro since Thymesia favors a very aggressive style of play. As in Sekiro, in fact, you will have to constantly press your opponents, because if you get too defensive you will lose all the progress made in inflicting damage on them.



Hellpoint is another soulslike in which there are references to Bloodborne as regards the atmospheres and the themes covered. Although the settings are different, we are no longer in a gothic setting but in a sci-fi dark fantasy, Hellpoint also draws from what is the greatest inspiration of Bloodborne and that is H. P. Lovecraft. In Hellpoint, in fact, the huge space station in which the game is set, is littered with alien enemies reminiscent of the Great Beings of Bloodborne and it is no secret that even in Hellpoint there is that of cosmic horror as the main fulcrum.

From a gameplay point of view, Hellpoint offers a hybrid and quite varied fighting style, in which players can choose whether to adopt a more defensive or more aggressive style, also taking into consideration the single enemy they are facing at a particular moment. Our advice is to try to vary as much as possible and make use of the different weapons that you will find scattered around Iris Novo in order to familiarize yourself with all the various game mechanics.

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Blasphemous, as well as its sequel to be released soon, is a game that should actually be categorized in the metroidvania genre, but it cannot be denied that the settings and atmospheres are very reminiscent of Bloodborne. In Blasphemous we play the Penitent One, a silent character, immortal and in self-flagellation for the sins committed. The world of Blasphemous, in fact, is governed by religion, and for this reason, the inhabitants of Cvstodia have been transformed into beasts due to their blasphemy.

Although it does not exactly belong to the same genre as Bloodborne, Blasphemous has points of contact with the latter, for example, as regards the plot. In fact, it is not told but must be understood through clues and notes found in the game world. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, the gothic setting and the fact that we are faced, again, with a sort of plague, are all aspects that make Blasphemous reminiscent, at least in part, of FromSoftware's work.


Lies of P

Lies of P is due out next month, but thanks to the demo and what we've been shown by the developers, we can already tell that the Bloodborne inspiration is very strong. Furthermore, Lies of P is deliberately inspired by Collodi's novel Pinocchio. In this game, the developers wanted to take the famous character from Collodi's novel (along with other iconic characters) and transport him to a gothic setting with atmospheres that refer to those present in the FromSoftware game.

Lies of P has a more classic type of gameplay than other souls released in recent times, with a system based more on stamina management and the right timing to dodge enemy attacks, but at the same time, it seems to have a greater emphasis on the narrative, an aspect that is often overshadowed in titles of the genre to give greater importance to the gameplay. Also from the point of view of the combat system, therefore, there are similarities and points of contact with Bloodborne.

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