Nevada Approves Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Esports Betting

If you live in Nevada, bet often, and love Call of Duty, get ready for some great news.

This week, after much debate over the past few months, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has issued a notice of approval, allowing sportsbooks to offer wagers on the official Call of Duty League.

The Need To Know

Throughout the next year, the state’s licensed bookmakers are authorized to post and accept all bets for Call of Duty League matches through the end of 2020. Per the Control Board’s notice, licensees may offer three different wager types: head to head, match winner, and overall winner.

Just last March, the Call of Duty League announced its plans to shift to an entirely online structure amid the coronavirus outbreak. Despite this, Nevada punters will see their first Call of Duty betting opportunity as early as next weekend at the Chicago Huntsmen Home Series.

Official Rules

Licensees electing to provide Call of Duty League money lines must first declare their intent to the Enforcement Division via a notification of terms. Sportsbooks are required to display official rules on the event organizer or sanctioning body’s website prior to accepting wagers. The determination of odds will be set at the bookmaker’s discretion, with rules governing incoming wagers made publicly available.

Under conditions outlined by the Control Board, in-play betting options are prohibited for the Call of Duty League 2020 season. All results must be based on a permissible source complying with Nevada regulatory guidelines and audit procedures. Additional markets deviating from the three approved wager types will require separate application and approval from the Control Board.

Call of Duty will now be placed on the betting menu alongside Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, iRacing and Overwatch; all of which were approved by Nevada regulators throughout the last several weeks.

What’s Next

While Call of Duty has been added to the branch of Nevada esports betting, there are already plenty of fans who have been betting for years on COD. The game is one of the most popular titles in the industry, with every new release in gaming scoring big in sales. So, while it is great for a select few of people in Nevada, this doesn’t exactly change the game for regular esports betting.

There are so many online establishments that cater to COD esports betting already that legalizing it doesn’t exactly change a whole lot. Hopefully, people who want to legalize it in their own states as well will be allowed the same law change.


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